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Where do you get your Hobby Color paints in the US

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Hi everyone,


After reading so many good things about the Hobby Color paints a wanting to try them out and add em to my arsenal I'm wondering where all you US guys buy em from? I'm looking for the aqueous stuff since they seem a little less hazardous (could be wrong here).


Thanks again!



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SprueBros has a very limited selection and will not restock once they are gone. You basically can't get them in the states. I use Luckymodel in Hong Kong, and have to plan ahead alittle bit becasue they may have a few colors out of stock, and shipping takes about 10-14 days...(not too bad actually). Why not give Bob at MDC a shout out here on the forums and see if he can ship from the UK to the states. I know he used to, but Like Grant has recently said, UK post service will not allow it, even though they are not really a solvent. I can guarentee all effort to aquire these paints will be more than worth it!

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Guest styrenedemon

That stuff is really nice, but I don't know why they won't sell it here in the US while you can still get the enamel. Ordering from overseas is too much of a hassle for me, but I've also begun to fall in love with enamels. I hear their enamels are equally good. 

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