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Israeli R39/Syrian R35. 1948.


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Finished these 2 turds. Really bad Trumpeter kits. These 2 type tank were 1930's era French tanks sold to who ever had the money after WWII. Very little info on their use during the 1948 Israeli War of Independence of 1948. So......I couldn't go wrong with construction or painting. Vehicles were in very poor mechanical condition sans a new paint job. Kit tracks are horrible. Too long. So I just tell my self due too no replacement tracks there is a lot of slack. Works for me. camera flash really washed out the track weathering. I will move these 2 builds over to the Diorama/Figure forum as I am using them in vignettes with crew members.



















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Still, a very nice job Paulster!! I really don`t konw these models, but looks like that Brach Model R35/39 are a much better option with their full interior... the donwside: much more expensive... 

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