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Matchbox 1/32 Westland Lysander Mk-1


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Well, you can buy that paint shop crew a couple of brews, Ralph.

They've done a great job.

Hopefully maintenance is just as motivated  ;)




George the paint shop crews is scheduled to mask and paint the Lysander top camouflage surfaces with Tamiya XF-61 Dark Green and XF-54 Dark Sea Grey tomorrow depending on the weather! If it's nice outside they want the day off!!! Can you imagine ;-)

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The Lysander returned to the paint shop where the crew masked and painted the upper wing and fuselage camouflage scheme With Tamiya XF-61 Dark Green and XF-22RLM Grey. The paint shop crew boss emailed me today saying they were preparing to spary a coat of Future and I would have in back for decals and weather later this evening!!





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Looking good Ralph.


Another way to deal with filler, at least Mr Surfacer, is to use isopropyl alcohol (also known as rubbing alcohol).  This will remove filler, but will not attack plastic.




I'll have to try that Mike as the nail polish remover was making me a but nervous around the plastic!!

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Well as promised the paint shop crew delivered the Lysander ready for decals and weathering. I really like this Flory wash!




The top outboard wing has had the wash installed and I've wiped away to the level of weathering I want. The panel lines popped and I even achieved a faded look!



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