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1:35 M-113A1 T50 Conversion Set - MMK


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1:35 Conversion Set

 M-113A1 T50

Catalogue # F3048

51 resin pieces and two photo-etched sheets.
Available from MMK for € 24




When I get this conversion set sample to review, I thought to myself that it would not be to much to say or to look up.

Opening the small and sturdy box, I could not be more wrong.


After seeing so many resin bits and a medium size photo-etched sheet, I decided to get some online research to check up this one out…  I was starting to “fall in love”… J


A standard M113A1 with a Cadillac Gage T50 turret as used on the V100/V150 series of armored cars, mounting two Browning machine guns, a .30 caliber and a M2 .50 caliber machine gun. While the standard armored personnel carrier version in Australian service is also fitted with the T50 turret it initially carried only twin .30 caliber machine guns. In later service the LRV and APC versions both carried the 30/50 combination and the only difference between them was roles. LRVs were used in sabre (recon) troops of the Cavalry regiment and the recon troop of the Armoured regiment. They carried a crew of 2 or 3 (crew commander, driver and sometimes operator/observer). APCs carried a crew of 2 and dismounts, either infantry, assault troops, engineers or other troops. In practise an LRV was also perfectly capable of carrying troops, though in perhaps somewhat more cramped conditions as LRVs often carried additional stores and ammunition and had seats removed and replaced with storage lockers. For a short period of time in Vietnam the Aircraft Armaments Incorporated Model 74C Cupola/Command Station was used, but it was quickly replaced by the T50. Also used by the New Zealand Army until the M113 was replaced in 2005.

The turret was first introduced into Australian service in Vietnam and was initially armed with two .30 calibre machine guns.  Shortly after some vehicles had one .30 machine replaced by a .50 calibre machine gun.  This 50/30 armament configuration was used until at least 2002. copyright from several internet sites.



This conversion comes in a small sturdy box, with all the resin pieces in several plastic bags.


As the Springer, no instructions is given as it`s in pdf file on MMK website.

You got 51 resin gray color parts, with some being for the interior.

As I already said, I was quite surprise with the amount of resin on the one.




The turret T50, the main pieces is with full interior details, with the seat, seatbelts, and ammo racks on the roof.





The turret it shelf has all the periscopes made by photo-etched, the hatch with sharp details on both side, to give the modeler the option of left it open. With all the interior viewable, that hatch must be wide open.




The interior is very complete, with inferior mesh floor, ammo box and ammunition belts to attach on the .30 and .50 guns.







        The two machines guns are very well cast with hollow ends.




The large photo-etched parts is very comprehensive and very well detailed with nice details. You can see the floor mesh, ammunition belts, periscopes parts, ammunition rack etc.



Also you get a roof crew hatch, just behind the turret that is mounted slightly forward of the normal commanders cupola.






This hatch than can be open but that depends on the interior detail that the modelers puts in it. If none, closed should be the option.


A fire extinguisher, radio, jerry cans with “water” marked on it, several ammunitions box, radio, and others details to enhance M-113 interior. A quite nice touch!







It also comes with a large mesh to put on the rear of the M113 but in my sample didn`t have it. Really no a big problem to solve because it only a mesh with some barber wire, easy to get elsewhere.


MMK doesn`t refer to which model kit this conversion is adequate but with no plastic surgery need, I believe that can be any M-113A1 model kit in 1:35.


You don`t get any decal sheet so aftermarket decals should be need it.

Echelon decals have two decals sheet to M-113 A1 with T50 turret being ideal to this conversion set - D356087 (Snoopy) and D356088.

My Snoopy is on the way! JJ



MMK give all you need to build an Australian M113 with T-50 Turret with full interior detail.

MMK always give the modeler the opportunity to have something different and original.


All of the resin is beautifully cast and has no flaw and casting resin blocks can be easily removed with care.

None of the castings suffer from seam lines.

I really fancy the conversion set, so much that is going to my to do pile and my decals set is already on the way.

Very highly recommended


Francisco Guedes


Our thanks to MMK for the review samples and all the support given. To purchase this directly, click THIS link.




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