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Wingnut Wings Roland C.II

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Hi guys,


After a short break from WW1 aircraft, I've decided to give this one a go :-)

As per instructions, I started work on the cockpit. For this one I wanted to give the Uschi Van Der Rosten wood decals a try. 
They are extremely thin and careful handeling is necessary in order not to break them during application. 
I started out by airbrushing the different wood panels separately, each time using a different shade of beige. 
Since the decals are transparent, the background colour will show through and will provide for some color variation in the woodwork. 
After applications of the decals, I've sealed everything with tamiya clear varnish. 
Next, the fuel tank was airbrushed in shades of grey and the electricity conduits where painted with acrylics (life color and vallejo) 
Pin washes & shading were done with Van Dyck Brown oil paint. 
As I wanted to replicate a worn black leather look on the seat, I studied many pictures before setting out to work. 
Using life color acrylics I tried to paint the light and shadow effects that you usually see on a seat like that. 
The colours used are: Burnt black, Light skin tone, sand, matt black and red.
Now I hope I can repeat this effect on the seat in the back as well :-)
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