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Picked up at Telford.


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So, Telford was a good show on Saturday and I managed to pick some stuff up.


Picked up:

1/48 new Airfix Gnat and the BAE Bedford Decals from XtraDecal.

1.32 Metal Undercarriage for the Bukeye.

1/32 Starfighter A/C and Eduard Cockpit set for it.  This is going to be a NASA Bird


1/32 Wings Models Spitfire Pilot.

1/32 Wings Models Sergeant Engineer.

1/32 Wings Models WWI Pilot putting on gloves.

1/35 MENG D9R Dozer (wanted this for an age and was a steal at £40.

120mm Mitch's Military Models Cooler King Steve Mcqueen bust.

200mm Mitch's Military Models SAS Iraq 2006 Trooper

200mm Mitch's Military Models Special Forces Soldier


Not bad additions to the stash methinks ;)



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I'm going to weather the hell out of that Dozer :)  The blade will be a real challenge to get right :)
Whilst pricey the figures were unmissable.  I wanted the 200mm Guy Gibson too but they had sold out... Pick it up next time round methinks, they're at a show in London soon ;)

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