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Tamiya 1/35 Russian T-62A Tank

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Slamming through this Russian T-62A. What a great build. Highly recommended!!
I guess some will say the detail is missing on the Tamiya kits over other manufacturers but this simple armor guy could tell detail missing from one tanks to another. Others will say the rubber one piece tracks are trash but I find they finish well with washes and pigments and look great. I'm going to order a Meng kit and forgo suffering through a Trumpeter kit as my friend Richard did to gain experience with another kit manufacturer! But for now I love me some Tamiya armor, lol!!



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While waiting for the Future coat to cure on my Revell 1/32 Hawker Typhoon I slammed away at the T-62A. My hats off to Tamiya as this is a very well engineered kit making the fit perfect! Very fun build!!

The turret.




The Hull.




Machine gun and gunners hatch.




Commanders, gunner and drivers hatches.




OOB wire engine vents. Nice touch!!




Rear turret looking forward.




Working on the road wheels and will prime/highlight the turret and hull today after I decal the Typhoon!

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Priming and pre-shading the turret and hull using Home Depot rattle can grey auto primer and Tamiya XF-1 Flat Black.




Base coated with Tamiya XF-26 Deep Green and post shading with a mixture of Tamiya XF-26 and XF-2 Flat White.



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Building and installing road wheels. Oh boy, lol!!!




The T-62A has tracks. Love this build so far!!




Dry brushed with Tamiya XF-9 Hull Red and XF-16 Flat Aluminum.
Applied Flory Dark Dirt and Brown wash to the tracks and hull sides with the addition of Vallejo Burnt Umber Pigment. Love the look!!!



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Have to love the simple pleasures of Tamiya armor kits! 


Personally I have zero qualms with rubber band tracks if the tank has side skirts - or if they're live tracks a la the Sherman. Otherwise, I'm a big fan of workables.


As for other makes - don't knock Trumpeter's kits until you try them! A lot of their newer armor kits are amazing. The T-80BV is a parts monster for sure (over 1000...), but a ton of that is track, and the fit and detail of the rest is actually rather great. Though - my experiences with Meng and Takom to date are also positive.


I saw several kits yesterday with new styrene tracks! What are you thoughts on those? Also how about the snap track system?

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