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Decal Setting Solutions...SPOTTING


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I am using EagleCal decals and MicroSol setting solution.


When the MicroSol dries I am getting little "spots" on the decal.  These spots seem like a "crystallized pool".  Most noticeable.   Further, the decal is not setting into the panel lines.


Any coaching/recommendations would be most appreciated. 

  • Skip MicroSol? 
  • Hotter water? 
  • Hair Dryer?
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What gloss did you use? I know Future especially can spot and fog with decal solutions. Usually a clear coat on top takes care of it.


The lack of settling is weird for EagleCals. I've had great results with the hairdryer method, I'd give that a go.

thanks for feedback.


at this point no gloss has yet to be applied over the decal/offending spot.


yeah, EagleCals not settling is a first for me.  Hairdryer will have a test....

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Hi Rick,


I recently had a similar problem, though not with EagleCal. I suspect the offending spots may disappear under a subsequent glosscoat.


Barring that, if you have some Gunze "Mr. Mark Softer" laying about, you could try putting down a small puddle of it on the surface of the kit, then float the decal onto the puddle. After a moment, tamp the decal down gently, THEN slather on some Micro-Sol. The "Mr. Mark Softer" seems to make tougher, noncompliant decals slightly "melty" without having them turn a shapeless puddle of wrinkled ooze. It also seems to break the will, so to speak, of a defiant decal, and allow the Micro-Sol to actually melt the decal onto the surface. I normally am not a big fan of "Mr. Mark Softer" as I have had a couple of "Decal Armageddon" events with it. However for tougher decals that dont seem to want to adhere of "snuggle down" into panel lines, it seems to do the trick.


Oddly (for me at least) it is Hasegawa decals that "Mr. Mark Softer" seems to obliterate.





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