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Spitfire Mk XVI. Cockpit layout

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So I am starting work on my Tamiya Mk XVI for the GB. I have most if not all the Barracudacast resin extras that are applicable. I started looking through the instructions and matching bits and pieces. Now with the evolution into the bubble top canopy, the canopy retraction mechanism went on the starboard wall. Thereby taking up room previously reserved for the remote connector. Was the remote connector repositioned or just done away with as no longer necessary?

Staying on the starboard wall, just forward of that panel is the fuse panel (?) for the Mk II gyro sight and the selector is just below that. Tamiya supply these in one part (F14) and Barracuda have them as two seperate items. At least to my reading of both sets of instructions this would be the case. Am I reading this right?


There is a distinct lack of web based images with an Mk XVI cockpit fitted with a Mk II gyro gunsight or maybe I am just looking in the wrong place. I did find a couple of nice photos with a Mk IX with the aforementioned sight.

Thanks fo any advice.....sigh this is what happens when you get distracted...sorry for the double post!

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