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1/35 Tamiya Challenger1 (Mk.3) Battle Tank (Desert Version)

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Tamiya 1/35 Challenger 1 (Mk.3) Building Thread!

1/35 Tamiya Challenger1 (Mk.3) Battle Tank (Desert Version)
Kit Number 35154

Great Britain has a long and interesting history of armored vehicle use and development. In fact they coined the term "TANK" for such weapons, and are known as well, for their superb designs. Their latest version of the Challenger Main Battle Tank is regarded as on of the most advanced armored fighting vehicles in service in the world today. Modern technology has enabled several outstanding improvements in its firepower, crew protection, and mobility, to meet the demands of today's battle conditions.

The Challenger demonstrated and proved its combat worth during the recent Gulf Conflict. In addition to painting the tank with an overall sand color, many modifications for desert operations were accomplished, including an improved cooling system; better air cleaners; a reinforced transmission; extra side skirts from Chobham armor for added protection, plus bolt-on Reactive armor applied to the frontal area; an additional 200 liters of fuel was carried in external tanks mounted on the rear of the tan, which greatly extended its range; extra external stowage bins; and the use of maintenance free batteries.

Despite operations in the harsh desert environment, the Challengers maintained an outstanding "in service" and availability figure that exceeded 90%. This achievement, along with its accurate and heavy firepower, pointed to the Challenger as being one of the best main battle tanks used during the Conflict.




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Okay let's get started on the Challenger 1. Kinda hoped around on steps 2,3 and 4 assembling the bottom hull and suspension. Will of course as in other armor builds leave the road wheel until near the end. In hind sight I should have left off parts A23 which are part of the side skirt armor. They're a bit fragile and could be broken during the build.




Completed step 6 and the assemble if the rear hull section. Didn't install the external fuel tanks as I need to do some seam work on them!




Test fitted the top and bottom hull section and with a snap they fit perfect. Did I say I love Tamiya armor, lol!!




Taking a break from the B-58 today and building a bit on the Challenger 1.
Completed step 7 by installing the external fuel tanks and Jerry Can. Also plugged the holes in the lower hull and filled with Perfect Plastic Putty. Will sand once it dries. This way if anyone visits "The Basement Air Force" and happens to turn over on of my armor builds there won't be any holes, lol!!



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Absolutely love the Chally 1 - and the Tamiya kit holds up strikingly well. The thermal-wrapped barrel is very nicely detailed and with appropriate weathering looks quite realistic. The only disappointment I had with mine was the rubber band tracks, which look rather rubber-bandy. 


A bit of wash and pigments will make those rubber track look passable!! Any suggestings on AM tracks for a novice?

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Honestly, considering how thoroughly hidden most of the track is by the side skirts (moreso on the desertized Mk.3), I kinda feel like the rubber bands are frustrating but totally passable. Not sure I'd invest in tracks that would cost at least half again as much as the kit.


Just hoping someone (Meng?) decides that it would be fun to give us a new tool Chally one day.


That's a really good point concerning the armored skirts hiding the tracks!

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