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Aviattic linnen decals..PC10,PC12,CDL difference between White and clear decal paper??

Guest DannyVM

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Guest DannyVM

Hi Guy's,


i'm very intrested to use the linnen decal range from Aviattic for my Harry Tate build....but there is something that i can figure out about it. oops.gif


They stated that they have decals with white decal paper and clear decal paper. For use of rib takes they stated that is it best to use the linnen on white decal paper??


Now my question to you guy's : what is the difference between white decal paper and clear decal paper?


Are there folk's who have experience with this sort of decals??


Thank's in advance speak_cool.gif





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Hi Danny


Here's my thoughts. I used Richards linen decals on the naked Mig 3 build for the rudders etc.




These were the clear decal paper. The decals are very translucent and the shading had to be very very light. Even with just a hint of shading it shows through. The white backed decals take that away so the under colours dont bleed through. I'd suggest the clear versions for your build. That way you can add some tone and shading before applying the decals.


The decals are very nice by the way and are very strong. They have an elastic feel to them which is perfect for folding around leading edges and manipulating into palce etc.



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