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  1. yep $72 I'm going to use it in the cockpit only kit as it will be better viewed. The full kit will maybe have a crew loaded up.
  2. Hi, I ordered mine on the day he released it and it arrived 6 days later with no import duties £62 all in. The parts are exquisite too!
  3. Superb! I'm guessing the cockpit, engine and gun bay are Eduard resin?
  4. this is MRP over aluminium and ZC and chipping fluid.
  5. 2018 builds I haven't posted any work on here this year so best to get something done Hobbyboss Spitfire Vb in Malta homebrew colours. Then we have a Hasegawa fw190A-8 abandoned in Sweden 1945 from JG300 Sneaky 48th up next but biggest thing I've built to date. Revell boxing of Monograms PBY5a converted to a Canso in RAF coastal command markings Finishing the year with a Trumpeter 109G-6/R6 nightfighter from JG300 Currently working on Revell P-51D HK Lancaster and HB B-24J new arrivals and builds for 2019.
  6. HKM Lanc on the way. not sure about the Hellcat but the WNW Lanc is another definite when it comes out.
  7. What did you use to 'glue' all that pe in place. Superglue? I only ask as I have real problems getting PE to stick to one another.
  8. Purchased from Radu at Telford! Lovely kit
  9. Go go go. been waiting your build of this beauty. I've been hankering another build of this bird myself
  10. Superb Bevan, luv your work. Masks worked a treat.
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