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1:32 Jagdstaffel 17 & Jagsstaffel 30 Vol.2

James H

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1:32 Jagdstaffel 17 & Jagsstaffel 30 Vol.2

Pheon Decals
Catalogue # see article for code and price
Available from Pheon Decals





I originally saw these sheets at Telford’s Scale Model World 2014, but issues with printing prevented these from going on sale. Those issues were actually things you could barely notice, but ably recognised by Fantasy Printshop. Ray Horwell is pretty meticulous when it comes to his QA, so these were postponed for a short while until it was guaranteed that these would be as good as you could possibly get. At last, I can now take a look at Rowan Broadbent’s latest labour of love in these two new releases.


There are a staggering number of available schemes in each set for that specific Jagdstaffel, so we’ll take a look at what the modeller is offered with each release. The sets we have here are:


  1. 32051, Jagsstaffel 17, £15.75
  2. 32052, Jagsstaffel 30 Vol.2, £15.75


Jagdstaffel 17



Both of these releases are packed into large A4 zip-lock wallets, with an inkjet-printed front cover insert, in this case, depicting the FOURTEEN schemes available in this release. It’s not just Wingnut Wings kits that these decals cater to, but also Roden, as the machines depicted are Albatros D.II and D.III, as well as the popular D.V and D.Va variants which WNW offer. Other aircraft catered to are the Fokker D.VII and Pfalz D.XII. Despite the sheer number of schemes here, clever selection has enabled the decals to be printed over only TWO sheets, and you will be reliant on using your kits own national markings, saving production costs here. These sheets essentially contain the specific personal emblems only, and the accompanying serial numbers.




Inside the wallet, there are four, shiny A4, laser-printed sheets which show the profiles in a larger scale, and these are of course easier to judge decal placement. No decals are numbered, apart from some strip decals for the edging of a D.VII fuselage. The decals are so obvious, that they need no further identification. These scheme sheets also depict the tails of various machines, so you can tell how they were painted. No wing profiles are supplied, as this isn’t deemed necessary, but you will be able to find the information you need on the accompanying booklet.











The schemes this set offers are:


  • Albatros D.II (OAW), 933/16, Vzfw. Jakob Wolff, Metz-Frescaty, February 1917
  • Albatros D.III, 2033/16, Vzfw. Julius Buckler, St. Quentin-le-Petit, April 1917
  • Albatros D.III (OAW), 1694/17, Lt. Alfred Träger, St. Quentin-le-Petit, June 1917
  • Albatros D.III, serial unknown, Lt. Gunther Schuster, St. Quentin-le-Petit, June 1917
  • Albatros D.Va, serial unknown, Hptm. Rudolf Freiherr von Esebeck, Douilly (?), March 1918
  • Albatros D.V, 4408/17, Vzfw. Georg Strasser, Rethéuil Ferme, Winter 1917/18
  • Albatros D.V, serial unknown, Oblt. Hubertus Freiherr von Rudno-Rudzinski, Wasquehal, October 1917
  • Albatros D.Va (OAW), serial unknown, Ltn. Alfred Fleischer, Ercheu, June 1918
  • Albatros D.V, serial unknown, Ltn. Alfred Träger, Wasquehal, September 1917
  • Pfalz D.XII, 1416/18, pilot unknown, Vivaise, September 1918
  • Fokker D.VII (Alb), serial unknown, Ltn. Alfred Fleischer, Vivaise, late July 1918
  • Fokker D.VII (Alb), serial and pilot unknown, Vivaise, late July 1918
  • Fokker D.VII (Alb), serial unknown, Ltn. Gunther Schuster, Vivaise, late July 1918


The instruction booklet included with this release starts by supplying the modeller with a small history of Jagdstaffel 17, and the reference used for the production of these decals. Decal application notes are included to the rear.


Notes are contained for each scheme, containing historical data, and some colour notation reference, where applicable. Colour images are contained for the Fokker D.VII with the fuselage stripes, showing decal placement for this more unusual scheme.






Both the booklet and the decals are included within a smaller wallet, and those decals look absolutely gorgeous! As I mentioned, no national markings are given here, so as you have no reliance on them, there’s actually nothing stopping you from building EVERY scheme on this sheet, proving that this release is excellent value for money. A picture speaks a thousand words, so just take a look at what these decals offer.






Printing quality is first rate, with the decals being suitably thin, and of course, in perfect register. You can guarantee that the colours will be as authentic as they possibly can when you consider that these have had to be determined from crusty black and white photographs. As always, Rowan has chosen an eclectic mix of very attractive aircraft, with each one crying out to be built. I suspect WNW will be getting a flurry of ordered for Albatros and D.VII kits!




Jagdstaffel 30 Vol.2



This set is presented in the same format as the above release, but this time there are SIXTEEN scheme profiles on the inkjet-printed insert! A lot of the schemes on the previous set, are to be set against wooden Albatros fuselages, but this set has only five wooden fuse aircraft, albeit, highly attractive. In actuality, there are EIGHTEEN schemes in this release, with one of them depicted as two slightly different incarnations.




This time, there are FIVE laser-printed sheets, with each profile supplied in vivid technicolour, and again, tail detail for specific machines.












The schemes present here are:


  • Albatros D.III, Oblt. Hans Bethge, May/June 1917
  • Albatros D.III, D2054/16, Ltn. Heinrich Brügman, April/June 1917
  • Albatros D.V, Ltn. Kurt Katzenstein, August/October 1917
  • Albatros D.V, D1012/17, Lt. Paul Erbguth, June 1917
  • Albatros D.V, Ltn. Otto Fuchs, September/October 1917
  • Albatros D.V, D2140/17, Otto Fuchs, July/August 1917
  • Albatros D.V, D1016/17, Ltn. Hans-Georg von der Marwitz, June 1917
  • Albatros D.V, Hans-Georg von der Marwitz, November 1917/February 1918
  • Albatros D.V, Vzfw. Josef Heiligers, November/December 1917
  • Albatros D.V D4420/17, Lt. Karl Weltz, November 1917
  • Albatros D.V, Uffz. Emil Liebert, November 1917/January 1918
  • Fokker D.VII, Ltn. August Hartmann, July/November 1918
  • Fokker D.VII, Ltn. Hans-Georg von der Marwitz, September/October 1918
  • Fokker D.VII, pilot unknown, Autimn 1918
  • Pfalz D.XII, Ltn. Hans-Georg von der Marwitz, Summer 1918
  • Fokker D.VII, pilot unknown, Autumn 1918
  • Fokker D.VII, 370/18, Ltn. Hans Holthusen, June/September 1918










Again, the instruction booklet provides excellent depth of detail, and even more so than the previous set, with plenty of historical data and scheme notation. As well as historical notes on the Jagdstaffel and the applied markings. This booklet is an absolute mine of information.

Again, there are two decal sheets supplied here, in roughly A5 format, and containing just the machine and staffel decals (where appropriate). What I really like about this release are the stripe decals for the D.VII. These are printed as black and white, instead of having to prepare a vivid white base onto which to affix black stripes, and the possibility of debris and bubbles which could ruin a finish.

Decal printing is as great as with the first sheet. Take a look at these and see how good these are for yourself, and the actual breakdown of certain decals.


You can never have enough Albatros and D.VII kits, and when you see these decals, you know that is literally, as well as figuratively! There are around 3 machines I’d quite like to tackle, from each set, and I really should set time aside to do this. With Pheon, you just know that you will purchase the best-researched and most accurate decals on the market. A real passion is instilled into each release, and these are no exception. Now, where’s that Albatros kit………


VERY highly recommended


My sincere thanks to Pheon Decals for the review samples seen here. To purchase directly, click the links in the article.


James H




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