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Scania LONGLINE mit Beal-Tanker-Trailer - 1/24 by Revell, Italer, KFS, ...


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Hello @ all.


Here are some pictures of my 1-year project .....


It is a Scania Longline on base of a Italeri Scania kit, with lot of additinal parts. The trailer (Beal Tanker Trailer) is by Revell.


The Scania chassis was modified to 3-axle version, the front steering axle is replaced by metal parts.


The front wheels are more-piece wheels by Modellmakershop with wide tires.


The back of the chassis was covered with plastic plates on top and on the sides, as well as on the rear.


The exhaust system was made completely new, made of plastic pipes and other parts which I had available.


The cab was modified to the Longline version with the Resin parts from KFS which include also the full new interior parts, necessary for this upgrade.


After that everything was painted in matt black with white details, then the custom made decals of the "Bad Boy" and "Punisher" were added and protected with matt clear coat.


Then all the further additional parts were added....:


- bull bar by KFS

- etched lamps at the rear and at the spoiler

- air conditioner 

- signal horns

- light bar

- 2 Michelin figures

- antennas (wire)

- signal lights on the roof


All these parts are made by KFS and other suppliers from Modellmakershop.


Finally, the Scania Longline received some dirt in grey / beige with the airbrush.



The tanker trailer was made standart out of the box without any upgrades.
























Finally the pipes between Scania and trailer received a weathering and the complete diorama a glass box... then it will leave to Switzerland to its final destination...


Cheers Michael

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