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Eduard F-104C Avionics set for Italeri kit


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Eduard F-104C Electronic Equipment.

Product number 32 820.

Available from many online shops or directly from Eduard for €18,75




This is really quite an involved sit to detail the avionics bay behind the cockpit by adding detail and through the deletion of a couple of "F-104 Jeep Cans" add depth to the bay.




Those two frets look deceptively easy to use. You are required to cut away some of the moulded jeep boxes and build up part of the bay with PE parts. It looks to me that the end result can be quite stunning. Especially the detail parts that deal with the sills of the bay and the hatch will make a big impression, even if you would decide not to cut in the jeep cans. As the jeep cans were separate boxes that could be added and removed as the mission required, I hope that the single part 5 that makes up the sides and tops of 5 jeep cans doesn't detract from that "loose components look". I'm afraid I can't really answer that until I use this set on my F-104C... 


The Eduard instructions will show you what has to be cut & sawn... ;)



The jeep cans in an F-104G, compare with the contents of the set:



Pablo, flickr.com/photos/pabloaircraft


As for accuracy, I could find only 2 photos of the F-104C compartment, -B&W and quite small- in the Detail & Scale book. That aircraft has a different set of jeep cans installed, but that doesn't say anything. The DACO book "Uncovering the (T)F-104G Starfighter" by Danny Coremans and Peter Gordts show 3 F-104G's that all 3 have a different jeep can and circuit breaker configurations... I wouldn't be afraid to use this set for an F-104G too, to be honest! BTW, the big box in the aft compartment isn't an electronics box, it's the magazine for the 20mm ammunition. So, if you would decide to use this set for an early F-104A, RF-104G or CF-104, be sure not to show the magazine, but the equipment that the aircraft carried instead!


I would say Highly Recommended, but check out the instructions to decide if you want to put in the extra effort this set asks. For the right depth of the different jeep cans you may even have to separate part 5 into 5 different parts.


My thanks go to Eduard for supplying the review sample.

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