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Thompson M1A1 submachine gun - scratch build - 1:1 scale


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My completed build - full size (1:1) scale Thompson M1A1. I bought a set of genuine original woodwork for £40 (stock and grips)  for this project. They came complete with all the metalwork, incluuding butt plate and sling swivels. I have a genuine set of M1A1 stock and grip screws let over - I am hoping to recover some of the cost by selling these on ebay.

The rest was built using wood, plasticard and some metal rod and tubing. Paint and weathering was a mixture of rattle can and air brush using acrylics. Plans purchased from the internet (www.john-tom.com/ReplicaFirearms/ReplicaFirearms)

The model is posed with 2 geniune 30 round magazines and a reproduction sling (with genuine metalwaork).

Hope you all like it - I can't make my mind up yet for my next build - I will keep you posted.












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If I was able to buy one, I would. Unfortunately draconian gun laws in Australia mean you can't even own replicas or deactivated firearms without a license. Australia - where only the criminals are armed and it's illegal to return fire.

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UK gun law regarding deact/replica ownership is a bit more relaxed, although, strangely, there are restrictions sending a replica gun through the post but no problem if you order a deactivated one! - go figure!!

As for my next build Dave, It was going to be a MkV Sten Gun but I am tempted with the German WW2 StG 44 assault rifle. The StG looks more daunting but I have found some working drawings on line.

Many thanks for the interest.

David :) 

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