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1/32 Mirage III


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One of my favorite jet aircraft is the Mirage III, and when I first got into large scale modeling I looked around for a kit in 1/32. Safe to say, I was disappointed to hear that the only thing  available was the old '70s vintage Revell kit. Well, that would't be half bad, if it was any good. But, it's not. I have heard horror stories about it's fit, it's unnecessary difficulties, and in the immortal words of LSP's Alain Personeni, "Details, what details?" Safe to say I will not touch the kit with a ten foot pole, or alt east not without an arsenal of resin parts and re-scribing tools. But, I decided to be patient and wait, thing "Hey, the Mirage is popular enough,someone better make it in 1/32, right?"


So, sure enough,  Itelari released box art for the Mirage IIIC earlier this year, and all was right in the world. Now, about six months later, nothing. Safe to say I'm less than pleased. I mean come on, not even a little mention of development, or even test shots?


Anyways, now I come to the reason for my post. I want to have an area were me and fellow Mirage fans can share information on any large scale developments. Any comment, questions, and info is very much welcome, and if I'm completely wrong and Itelari has already released it or something like that, I don't mind being wrong. 

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I don't know about Italeri. I've read that the Revell Mirage III is quite correct in it's outline. Treat it as a vacform of which the parts are already cut out.... In any case you are going to need this:


Fisher Mirage III cockpit set for the Revell kit


and for an exhaust:


Matterhorn Circle Atar 9C


I know it isn't about an Italeri release, maybe with these sets your pole is shortened to 3 feet? ;)




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Guest Kagemusha

There's also the Kinetic IIIE/O on the way  http://www.hannants.co.uk/product/K3209 and a Kfir C1


Rumourmonger on Britmodeller usually has very up to date information, you can also follow the threads so you get email notifications of any new posts





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Yeah, I first saw the Iterlari boxart on the Rumourmonger, so I definitely follow that! And yes, Erik, I might consider shortening my pole! I'm certainly glad that the Revell has been around long enough to have very good aftermarket support. The Fisher pit looks absolutely lovely, and I'd love to give the PE exhaust a try! Now all I really need is to find one that's not going for the collector's price, I suppose that's another reason to wait for a new tool. Damn, now I'm torn, try to aftermarket and scratch my way through the Revell, or wait for a new tool...

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