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  1. That is extremely cool, love the subject matter. Could easily pass as 1/32
  2. I hope by last you mean latest because that is a kit very well done!
  3. Just a little update, I have had no time to work on this little project, but I haven't forgotten about it! Hopefully I will have enough time to work on it in the coming months. I will try to be active on the forums though, but we will see.
  4. I have never seen a greek Corsair II, very well done.
  5. Very nice! I will definetely participate, and maybe actually finish. Now to figure out what to build...
  6. Very nice looking, following with enthusiastic interest!
  7. Once again, to all of you, thank you! It's great that so many have come to anwser a new guys question. And I dont think Im ever gona try water as a thinner, just gonna stick with the brand thinner. And my clogging issues where definetely thinner problems, now with proper thinning my airbrush sprays pretty well.
  8. Very neat subject, have yet to see one of these kits built up. Will watch with great interest! Sean
  9. Well, hopefully I will have a similar experience! How long did it take for yours to show up, I've heard it can take a while, even up to 6 months.
  10. Well, sorry folks (if anyone is paying attention to this build) but the StuG is going on the back burner. I am missing a couple parts from my sprues, and now I have to see if I can get replacements from DragonCare. Hopefully I will start another build shortly, probably Tamiya's Nashorn. Cheers, Sean
  11. Very strange looking thing, that's for sure! As usuall, you did an excellent job on it.
  12. Very well done, absolutely love the camo job!
  13. Ok, so I haven't worked on the StuG too much, but this is what I have: The suspension has been a pain, I don't understand why it has to be semi-adjustable. Either let me adjust the whole thing, or don't let me adjust it at all. And true fully, I'm not a fan of Dragon/Cyberhobby's instruction sheets, it wasn't till I started the right side of the tank that I realized the modifications that appeared to be for only the left were for both, so either I'm marginally incompetent (probably true), or Dragon's instructions could be a bit more clear. Other than that, the kits pretty good, and it is very well detailed. only a few bits of questionable engineering! Anyways, I hope to keep working on this, and maybe I'll put this into a diorama of some sort since I have the Orange Box figure set. I guess we shall see...
  14. Hello everyone, I'm back! And this time with an actual build! This is my third armor build, and as you could probably figure out by the title, it's the Dragon StuG III Ausf. A kit. This is my first Dragon kit, the previous two armor kits were Tamiya's. Unfortunately, the only picture I currently have is the parts drying after my soapy water bath. Gotta get that grease off somehow, eh? I'll try and post more pictures of the construction tomorrow night. EDIT: I just noticed my dog in the door window in the background!
  15. Looking really good! I plan on doing my Nashorn up in a winter whitewash scheme, can't wait to hear what you decide.
  16. I will definitely watch this project with great interest!
  17. Yeah, I first saw the Iterlari boxart on the Rumourmonger, so I definitely follow that! And yes, Erik, I might consider shortening my pole! I'm certainly glad that the Revell has been around long enough to have very good aftermarket support. The Fisher pit looks absolutely lovely, and I'd love to give the PE exhaust a try! Now all I really need is to find one that's not going for the collector's price, I suppose that's another reason to wait for a new tool. Damn, now I'm torn, try to aftermarket and scratch my way through the Revell, or wait for a new tool...
  18. Ok, sounds good, I'll pick that up then. I haven't had much time recently for modeling, so I haven't bought anything yet.
  19. One of my favorite jet aircraft is the Mirage III, and when I first got into large scale modeling I looked around for a kit in 1/32. Safe to say, I was disappointed to hear that the only thing available was the old '70s vintage Revell kit. Well, that would't be half bad, if it was any good. But, it's not. I have heard horror stories about it's fit, it's unnecessary difficulties, and in the immortal words of LSP's Alain Personeni, "Details, what details?" Safe to say I will not touch the kit with a ten foot pole, or alt east not without an arsenal of resin parts and re-scribing tools. But, I decided to be patient and wait, thing "Hey, the Mirage is popular enough,someone better make it in 1/32, right?" So, sure enough, Itelari released box art for the Mirage IIIC earlier this year, and all was right in the world. Now, about six months later, nothing. Safe to say I'm less than pleased. I mean come on, not even a little mention of development, or even test shots? Anyways, now I come to the reason for my post. I want to have an area were me and fellow Mirage fans can share information on any large scale developments. Any comment, questions, and info is very much welcome, and if I'm completely wrong and Itelari has already released it or something like that, I don't mind being wrong.
  20. Very cool, wish I could be there, but sadly I live across the pond. thanks for sharing those pics!
  21. Very well executed job of a very interesting bird! Hope to see more like this.
  22. Very nice! Really like the look of those decals, will be watching with interest.
  23. Yeah, it'll take a lot of practice and patiences, but what in this hobby doesn't? I'll get the hang of it at some point. Once again, thanks for the help!
  24. Thanks! I now realize that I put way to much paint into the mix. Also, for good measure I'm gonna go ahead and pick up some Mr. Color thinner.
  25. So I just recently got an airbrush and I have a few questions, specifically about thinning. I've been able to spray down some Tamiya primer, but tonight i tried some Gunze Mr. Color thinned with some water, and it just kept clogging the brush. So my questions are, in no paticular order: What sort of paint to thinner ratio is good for a base coat? And I know that I need different ratio depending on what effect I'm going for. If my brush is clogging, what sorta things do I need to look at? The ammount of thinner? The air pressure? I just don't know. I have purchased a book about airbrushing, and it gives a nice ammount of information on painting techniques and maintaining my brush, but it gives little to no info on thinners and how to properly use them. Sorry if this seems a bit basic to all of you, but it would really help me out if you all could give me some pro tips!
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