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AMMO of MIG - Several paint sets - review


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Several paint sets

Price tag: check AMMO website for price tag.





I was quite please for the opportunity to try AMMO of Mig stuff because I was quite curious about all the fuse around AMMO.

AMMO of Mig Jimenez simply doesn`t need any presentation.

        Being a modeler for quite a while now (since 1999, after a long hiatus without modelling more than 10 years), the paints that I used are basically Tamiya/Gunze/Vallejo Model Air for airbrush and Vallejo for brush paint.

        The first head up about these paints is that AMMO paints are totally acrylic which is a good option now a days with all the safety issue and toxic material that we do use on modelling and sure the paints will be much more safer that Tamiya or Gunze.

        I received for review four paints sets and some weathering sets that I will use very soon in current wip that I have in the bench and I will add up to this review my point of view and results.

But I`m only going to take a look and try out some paints.


I will not argue or judge if these sets are in correct colours or if it should more darker or lighter because of the scale effect. Just want to show to all how they work and if I enjoy them


        The paints sets are:

1.   French Tank Colors;

2.   Rush Effects Colors;

3.   Interior Colors (German Tanks 1939-1945);

4.   Vietnam smart set;


All of these paints have a quite effective shaking system. Like other pains, like Vallejo (especially Vallejo) the paints should be well shaked before use to help this, sometimes painful process, AMMO just put a small sphere inside making the shaking part much easier.



I decided to go ahead with the Vietnam Smart set which is a small set with 3 basic paints for Vietnam vehicles.



The paints are:

-      A.MIG-081 US OLIVE DRAB VIETNAM ERA (FS 24087).






For that I used an old Tamiya`s M4 Sherman for testes…


This one already had Tamiya paints and some weathering test, like pigments.


So was a somewhat aggressive surface to the AMMO paint to grab.


Starting I was quite surprise with the paint flowing, without clogging on the airbrush, at least so sonner as Vallejo.

The clogging did appear but only after quite some time… It clog a bit more that Tamiya or Gunze but I was really surprised because I was expecting a “Vallejo kind of clogging style”.


So I used all three colors (three different green) and with successive layers, I got some great finish and matt surface.









And with some very little clogging with the use of all three


Maybe I shouldn`t expect the clogging but because is usual with Model Air, I also expected some clogging from AMMO. Not, at least it didn`t happen!


The control of the flow and the flux of the paint is also surprisingly easy so you can actually get great results without smell!

The paint pigment is also very fine and consistent.


Then I move to the interior set because I do have in WIP a Renault R40 from Brach Model and some of the colors of that set were just perfect to the job and to try out how do they react on resin surface.

 This set brings us six colors:

-       A.MIG-014 RAL 8012 Rotbraun.

-      A.MIG-017 RAL 9001 Cremeweiss.. 

-      A.MIG-080 BRIGHT GREEN.

-      A.MIG-096 Crystal PERISCOPE GREEN (and tail light on).

-      A.MIG-908 Grey Base.

-      A.MIG-912 Red Brown Shadow.




Give the airbrush on the engine bay, the paint react very well to a Tamiya surface paint. It covers very well with several layers without problem.








Then, the first, but somewhat expect, surprise.


I needed to use the bright green for the gearbox and red brown for the seat.




I use a brush and the paint doesn`t really work as Vallejo does.

I needed three hands to get a desired and satisfactory result.



(please note that the gear box was paintbrush and the turret was airbrush)









Curious is the statement of the AMMO paint bottle that is for brush and airbrush and that why I upstate that it was a somewhat excepted surprise.


Knowing Vallejo and the quality of the paints, we can see that they do have two line of paint: Model Color and Model Air.

While we can use Model Color in airbrush the results are not as good as Model Air and you can use model air with Brush but the results are not as good as Model Color.


And I feel that this logical concept could be apply with AMMO Paints.


I need three layers with the brush to get the paint to stick into the surface and cover all with some uniformity. Here we can see some of the problems that I read over some forums about paint tension.

I didn`t see any of this problem on airbrushing, but on the brush only at the third layers we get a satisfactory result.


They really work with airbrush and brush, but they work much better on airbrush.


Next I try the crystal green on a small clear part, and I´m very pleased with the result. The fact the this one is to be transparent and it doesnt need the coverage of the others, this works like a charm on the small clear parts, that`s all this all about.





Then I tried out the Rust set and WWI French color set, with the same results, and with the same paint behavior, really helpful for the modellers.


















I was very pleased to have the opportunity of doing this review because I never tried AMMO paints.

Ad they was quite a supresi for me in te positive way. They are much better that I would expected.

The behavior with airbrush is really good, only be surpassed by the lacquers ones like Tamiya and Gunze (my all time favourites).

On the other hand with the brush they are not good as Vallejo Model Color but they do stand for the job, and present some good results.

Now a slight chance of my top 3 airbrush paints: Gunze, Tamiya (Drooling Bulldog for WWI aircraft) and now AMMO.

On the weathering side, amazing stuff, very easy to handle, and with panel line wash on the top of that, being a great product to use.

Another brand to enter in my workbench.

Need to see all the vegetation stuff and all other products!!! Is they are good as this, they really worth it!




Our thanks to AMMO and Mig Jimenez for these review samples and the trust given.


You can buy AMMO of Mig products directly here.




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