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Experience with vendors - Spray booth


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Hi guys,


I have decided to invest in the Graphicair A300s D spray booth. I have found two buying possibilities;


Directly from here:http://www.graphicair.co.uk/products/GraphicAir-A300S-D-Airbrush-Spray-Booth.html


or from here: http://www.sylmasta.com/acatalog/Spray-Booth-A300S-D---Ducted---Extraction--113.html


Seeing that there is a € 50,- price difference and a €20,- shipping cost difference in favor of Sylmasta the obvious choice would be Sylmasta.


My question, does anyone have experience with Sylmasta and if so, is it a reliable vendor.


Thanks, Wouter

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Thanks for your reply Morley. Anyway, my question has been answered today. I took the plunge and ordered form Sylmasta exactly ten days ago. Only got one confirmation email that my order was placed and payment received. No shipping updates whatsoever, but the booth was deliverd within their normal shipping timeframe. So if you can live without the updates I can say it's safe to order from Sylmasta.


Cheers, Wouter

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