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  1. Built the 21st century one came out very well with a little care Bill..
  2. morley bill

    Ju-88C-2 "4D+FH" Finished!

    Jereon if your looking for bases try Richard Wharton at Oakwood Studios he does made to your spec regards Bill..
  3. morley bill

    Introducing myself

    Welcome Alberto nice looking models I hope you enjoy LSM as much as we all do regards Bill..
  4. Great book got mine on amazon for just over half price Bill..
  5. morley bill

    New member to the forum

    Welcome your models look very good Bill..
  6. morley bill

    F-15D IAF Strike Eagle in 1/48

    Hi first class job Bill..
  7. morley bill

    1:32 Mustang from Revell - new tool?

    Just ordered the Me 262 Nightfighter should have time to finish it before the Mustang hits the shops Bill..
  8. morley bill

    MicroModels ! Some finished models

    Hi and welcome great models Bill..
  9. Hi Paulo I have built this kit some years ago and you have made a very good job of it Bill..
  10. morley bill

    DO 335 M 14 HK MODEL

    Hi and welcome great model Bill..
  11. morley bill

    Smart Jet Pro compressor

    Been using my smart jet pro for around ten years absolutely reliable the new one looks great thanks for posting Bill..
  12. morley bill

    Macchi C.205

    Looks great built this five years ago and realy enjoyed it Bill..