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  1. I can attest to that, mine landed on the shelf of doom for now. I started is as a quick OOB build, but please forget the 'quick' part. The cockpit needs a lot of care and patience to build. But as always it can be done. Do yourself a favor and read through THIS build log on LSP, it will make your life a lot easier (I wish I had before I started mine). Good luck and please post some updates, maybe i'll take mine back to the bench
  2. I guess it will be in the €700,- range judging by there C47/DC3 pricing. I seriously hope HKM would consider making one in IM but if not i will also put money aside fro this kit. The original message was from Vulcan32 on LSP. He is a friend of Mirek (owner of Hph0 and a reliable source. Direct quote: "And now the really good news: HPH will do my all time favourite, the Heinkel He-177 Greif. This will take some years, because there are some other planes before ( A-20, O/400, SR-71, SM-79 and 1/48 B-52), but it will happen." Link to thread: Second last message on the bottom of page 113
  3. Are you aware that HpH announced that they are working on the He177? It will take a few years ofcourse, but that one is definiteky going on my shortlist.
  4. Visited the Dutch IPMS nationals yesterday. Wasn't planning on bying one, but could not let this deal slip... scored the HKM B17G for 160 euro ($180). All I can say; wow what a kit! I need to invest in a paint company when I start this one!
  5. No, no, no. This can't be real... please tell me this is 1/16 scale?! You're an absolutely insane man Peter. I mean, in a good way insane, but still. No words
  6. Almost at your favorite part Jeroen.... painting! Keep it up
  7. Nice! Looks like a very clean and well build model to me. Should build one myself sometime....
  8. Hi Ernie, I have the part ready for print at shapeways. I'm looking at possibilities to make it available for those interested, but it takes some time. If i get that working I will also create a little instruction sheet to go with the IP. I'll let you know
  9. Yeah, I have the same issue. If I turn my mobile to landscape, then the pictures are in the right proportion. Clicking on the pictures also works. So, it's a site issue of some sort...
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