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1:32 MiG-15 Engine (for HpH release)

James H

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1:32 MiG-15 Engine (for HpH release)


Catalogue # 32119

Available from Profimodeller for 1590,00 CZK






I have to say, I adore the very early jet aircraft. This was of course a technology which was still frighteningly new when the MiG-15 first took to the skies in 1947. Only two years earlier, the Messerschmitt Me 262 was still in operational use, being the world's first mass-produced jet fighter to enter front-line service. With the collapse of the Third Reich, Russia trialled much German technology, and only had limited success with their reverse engineering of both the Jumo 004 and BMW 003 jet engines. For their next generation of fighters, the Russians opted to buy the British Rolls Royce Nene power-plant, and reverse engineer this for their own purposes. To say the Russians were amazed that such technology was so easily purchased from the British Labour government, is a severe understatement. After purchasing the engines, Russian engine designer, Vladimir Klimov set to work and designed/developed the Klimov RD-45. A later attempt by Rolls Royce to rightfully claim a licence fee, ultimately failed.


Klimov RD-45/VK-1


The Klimov RD-45 turbojet was quickly developed and first run in 1947, and the MiG-15 was specifically designed to operate with this new engine. Of course, the rest is history. The MiG-15 was a highly successful aircraft that was introduced into service in 1949, and set a further developmental path for the Russians. We'll look at this aircraft in more detail when we have the HpH kit here for you.


There's nothing like doing something arse about face. My original intention was to have the review of the HpH MiG-15 kit online before I published this one, but sometimes, things are a little out of my control. I will endeavour to have the MiG-15 kit itself reviewed here, very early next year, followed by an online build of both items together. Until then, you'll have to satisfy yourself with this rather impressive engine upgrade said for the aforementioned kit. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.




If you want to display with your HpH kit, you really are going to have to perform the most radical and destructive surgery possible, to two of the kit's main parts; namely the fuselage. The Klimov engine was bolted to a framework that was supported on a bulkhead in the middle of the MiG-15 fuselage. To access the engine, the rear fuselage was unbolted, and wheeled away on a trolley. So, in short, you're going to have to saw that fuselage in half, along pre-prescribed panel lines. If that fills you with trepidation, then rightfully so! Luckily though, this set provides a whole new rear section in resin, based upon the HpH kit itself. Therefore, the surface detail etc is identical. Having these new sections means that you don't have to re-use the old rear section and make any precision cuts to do so. You can saw the fuselage to the rear of the line, and then gradually work to that line and finish it properly.




Those fuselage halves are superb. Cast in pale cream resin, surface detail is precise and sharp, with neat rivets and panel lines. It also has numerous service panels which are cast 'open', allowing you to choose how you will set the access doors themselves. Internally, there is no detail, but you will add the numerous metal construction elements from detailed PE strip, and you will also fit the PE airbrake housings (supplied in this kit too) into this area, along with the exhaust pipe tunnel. Even this can be accessed by a panel which you can pose. Whetted your appetite yet? Casting blocks are connected along the fuselage mating joint, and will need careful removal. Several openings also have a thin resin web that will need to be removed.




There are another TWO bags of finely cast, cream resin, containing the various engine parts, and also those for other areas, such as the tail pipe and rear, external nozzle fairing. This is quite an impressive and imposing resin upgrade, with a total of almost FORTY parts, and that's not including the numerous sheets of PE which you'll need to negotiate.




Using my Rolls Royce Nene reference, accompanied with images of the Klimov RD-45, it's very obvious that Profimodeller have created what amounts to an extremely accurate-looking reproduction. All of the parts which you would expect to see here, are included, and the breakdown of the engine means that no simple compromise has been made. If it's better to use 2 or 3 parts to recreate something, instead of one, then this set clearly demonstrates this.


You can more or less pick out the various engine areas and identify them against period illustration. The engine comprises of nine combustion chambers (all separate parts and with their own PE section flanges), centre around various assemblies, including rear air intake and main compressor housing. Nozzle box and numerous other parts are beautifully recreated here, including the engine's ancillary control unit etc. When complete, the engine will look both comprehensive and very complicated.






Numerous sections and several PE parts go together to create the exhaust pipe which attaches to the engine outlet, and will slide into the rear fuselage section tunnel. At least I'm presuming that these halves will more or less go together. If they don't, I wouldn't have issue with that, as this engine is supposed to be displayed. That's the whole point. Profimodeller have spared no expense in recreating this area in the best detail possible.










Another bag of resin parts contains more ancillary parts, and the engine mounting framework. All resin has some clean-up which is needed, whether this is light flash, or the thoughtfully placed casting blocks. Detail is sharp throughout, and no flaws have been visible to this reviewer's eye. Several items such as the tubular sections for the exhaust, are thinly cast.




You're going to have to like photo-etch if you wish to use this set. And I mean, really like it. There are no less than SEVEN photo-etch sheets here, containing everything from internal structural detail, to engine detail, exhaust pipe tunnel, access doors, bulkheads, and also both the internal and external airbrake assemblies. Etched relief detail is excellent, and all parts have minimal tags holding them to the frets. You may need to anneal some parts before use.








Lastly, several short lengths of copper wire, and one length of neoprene tubing are included. The wire is quite thick, and I'm a little unsure where these items fit, but wire is required for shackling the access ports to the rear fuselage. For this, however, I imagine it should be thinner.


I find the instructions for this set to be pretty clear, despite being of the drawing type. I have said, this is no weekend project, and the manual pretty much highlights this. Colour references are given throughout, but no actual manufacturer paint codes. The last page is given over to the various access plate construction, and where they fit on the rear fuselage. This is certainly an upgrade which offers many options for the builder.



It's fair to say that this isn't a cheap upgrade, but in all fairness, for what you get, it is very well priced; a full engine and internal rear detail suite, plus half of the fuselage, and all that photo etch. I think thank once you get your head around the mass of PE, this set should build up pretty easily. Hacking the kit fuse in half will always be a nervy part of the build, but this is one upgrade which will surely set your MiG-15 above anything else out there. Absolutely superb!


Very highly recommended


My sincere thanks to Profimodeller for this review sample. To purchase directly, click THIS link.





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