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1:72 Heller MS.500 Criquet


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Well I bet you think that it's a Fieseler Fi 156 Storch. You'd be right, and wrong smile.png

Immediately after the liberation of France in 1944, the production of Fi 156 at the Morane-Saulnier factory was continued at the request of the Armée de l'Air and designated MS 500. Production continued toll 1965 after some 925 aircraft had been built.

Started this old kit today and after about six hours work got it to this stage.







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Yeah, looking refreshingly different! I was of the impression that the Criquets used radial engines, though? Or am I misinformed?


The later ones did have a radial engine, but the early ones and I believe the bulk of the 900+ that were built had the inline engine.

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