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1:32 German Aviator 1918 - The Fusilier

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German Aviator 1918


Fus 54-19

1:32nd scale

Price Tag: 15£





(Steve Warrilow picture)



Steve Warrilow has been a busy bee in expanding his catalogue. Not only to the figure modeler, as such, but also to 1:32 scale, in order to give some figures to our WnW.


I got a small box in the mail box and I was quite excited with it because I knew that was this particular figure that is made to fit WnW Albatros.


A small plastic box, with three resin pieces, and one small sheet with painting instructions.







The resin parts are the torso (all body and head) left arm and the ladder.




Starting off with the non figure part, the ladder.


This ladder is a basic ladder, not a four legs ladder, so this one would have to be leaning to the plane.




My samples have a little warp in the first two steps but nothing serious.

A little clean have to be made to remove flash and a little resin block.


Now to the main character:


The left arm is easly fit into the figure, so no major cleaning or dryfitting or putty is need.






Checking close the figure, no seam mold or flash is present




Such a fantastic cast that give the modeler an almost primer ready figure. :)



It`s also a figure with some great details in clothing, such as scarf, gloves, boots ... the details that makes the high quality picture.

Meanwhile what makes this figure special is his posture and his facial expression.

The body compassion with the pilot just getting in to the plane, almost forced to complemented with the heavy facial look, like a guy that its just walking to his fate, whatever it was




The night level of concentration and body tension is full present in the figure. Note that something that is only at reach of few and Steve Warrilow is one of them.

Here`s the pictures to you to know what I talking about (these pics do not make a real justice to the figure)









The painting instructions is only a list with appoints to use in the several pieces of wear, like the helmet, gloves, scraft, etc.




The figure is simply one of the best I ever seen in one 1:32. All the war drama is in it!

While WnW doesnt release their loooong announce figures, Steve Warrilow, is filling the gap with fantastic figures in 1: 32nd, perfectly symbiotic with WnW model kits, in this particular case with Albatros but I think That Is Also suitable to the Fokker D. VII.

The only low part of this figure is actually not the figure but the ladder.

Really a simple one, with some cleaning to do and a little warp. Nothing that average modeler can deal with.

Highly recommend


My thanks to Steve Warrilow, the men behind The Fusilier for the review samples and all the support given.




Just visit The Fusilier website (here)  – and if you do don`t forget to mention LSM and WNW Fans).



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Nice review Fran. Love these figures - there can't be enough of them really.


Bet your spouse thought the blitzy pink box was her birthday present...?

Thanks Geo.


She might thought for a split of a second... then all gone....:D 

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