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Hobby Boss 1/32 F-84E Thunderjet

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My year ending build is the Hobby Boss 1/32 F-84E Thunderjet which I started back in the
spring.  I get slower with age.

I used the AMS resin seat with bits & pieces from the Eduard PE interior set to enhance
the cockpit a bit.
Replaced the nasty rubber tires with a real nice set of resin wheels from Fisher Models.
Painted with 3 shades of Alcald II.

This is my first HB kit and I was amazed at how well it went together with very little
putty used.  A lot of the parts just more or less snapped into place needing just a touch
of glue to secure them.  The front wind screen just snapped down right into place and needed
no glue at all.

Now the decals are another story.  Very thin and hard to move into place without wadding
up into a mess.  Especially the upper wing USAF modex decal.  Really struggled with that one.
Being as thin as they are I found that the aluminum showed through the white on the national
insignia star.  Ended up peeling those off and used some I had from a Super Scale sheet that
were a bit thicker and worked much better.  All the little yellow access panels and data
decals were lumped together in one big decal.  Don't like that, so cut them down to a
smaller easier to handle size.

I normally use warm water for my decals but about halfway through I switched to cold water
and found that the decals behaved much better.  The cold water leaves the decal a bit stiffer
therefore making it easier to move them in to place.

All in all a fun build and am now interest in getting the "G" started.


Jerry  :piliot:


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