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  1. Like Harv and Jeff I am sitting here thinking that is a real engine (knowing it is not). Fabulous outstanding work sir. I am truly impressed. Jerry
  2. No interest???? Looks like a BUMPER is needed...
  3. Outstanding build John. Looks great. Jerry
  4. Don't think I will ever get around to these two so might as well part with them. Boxes are open, contents still in sealed bags. Payment by PayPal or Money Order (Bank or USPS). Buyer pays shipping. Would prefer to keep sale in US/Canada. Kitty Hawk F-86D Sabre Dog ................................... $70.00 Hobby Boss IL-2M Sturmovik .................................. $70.00 Cheers, Jerry
  5. Oh hell, yes!!!!!
  6. Same here as in Manitoba Carl. This past Sat. we had heavy rain and tornados in the area. Anyone's guess what it will do tomorrow? Jerry
  7. 73 degrees yesterday and got up to this this morning. Yuck, yuck, yucky. Jerry
  8. Outstanding build Gus. Jerry
  9. Yep. Exactly what it is.
  10. Forgot this one that I finished between the P-47N and F-86F. Trumpeter P-51B.
  11. I have been using Alclad (beginning with Alclad 1) for years and love it. Haven't tried AK Xtreme as of yet as most colors I want from Hobbyworld USA are either backordered or out of stock. $11.00 a bottle is a bit of a turn off. While on the subject, what is a good replacement for MM Metalizer burnt metal? Having trouble trying to find something to substitute for the MM Metalizer. Couple of my most recent finishes using Alclad 2. Cheers, Jerry
  12. This is the Monogram ProModeler (Hasegawa) Bf-109G-4/Trop kit. Used the kit decals and no pilot name was given. Cheers, Jerry
  13. Going to do the same as you did above but as Black 1 of Franz Scheiss. Maybe Marseilles later.
  14. Outstanding build Kai. Love the diorama aspect. I have built that kit but in a different scheme. Still have one in the stash to do as Marseilles bird also. Cheers, Jerry
  15. WOW!! Outstanding build Mike. Looks great,
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