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  1. Did Reno back in 1990. Been a long while. Have fun Smitty Cheers, Jerry
  2. Awesome build Rod. Beautiful. Congrats on the award at the Nationals. Well deserved. Cheers, Jerry
  3. I hear you Mark. I am in the same boat. I would like the 4-B but not at $300.00. Jerry
  4. Jeeze Louise!! Ordered an hour ago and already got a shipping notice. That be fast.
  5. Thanks Carl. Order sent and I must have ordered the same thing as Harv as my order came up to $33.00 too. Jerry
  6. What is the link to NEWTYPE? Jerry
  7. Exactly. I just enjoy the build and don't give a rats patoot if is a millimeter to short/long here or there. Jerry.
  8. Bitch, moan, groan and bellyache about a kit but it still looks like a P-51B to me. Don't be so damn picky. Jerry
  9. Amazing!! Outstanding builds Rod. Jerry
  10. WOW!!!! Outstanding build John. Jerry
  11. Here is my version of the Trumpeter kit. Went together very well with very little to no problems. I still have the-4, later version which was retooled, to do. Cheers, Jerry
  12. Yes, by all means do it. I got shoved out the door just prior to my 60th birthday (21 years ago) and I never looked back. With your wife still working and maybe a possible part time job a few days a week, I would be all over it. Believe me, you will be so glad you did. Good luck Scott. Cheers, Jerry
  13. Thats a fun build. Mine from a few years ago. Jerry
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