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  1. Guess the carpet monster got them or I just plain lost them. Know it is a long shot at best but need to find parts D-70 & D-71 from the Hasegawa 1/32 F-16C "Ramstein" boxing or possibly the F-16A Plus/C kit. Thanks. Cheers, Jerry 
  2. Ernie, LSM staff member?? Oh heck, this site is going to hell in a heartbeat. Just one Texan ribbing another Texan Ernie. Welcome as a staff member and I know you will handle the job in an outstanding manner. That's because you are an awesome guy. Cheers Amigo, Jerry
  3. Finally got this one finished. The older I get the slower I get in getting anything finished. Last one for 2018. Monogram 1/48 F-4C Phantom "Numba Wun" of Col. Robert Titus, 405th TFW, Clark AB, May 1970. Used Aero Master decals, Aires exhaust nozzles and Quickboost seats. This is my 17th Phantom. Cheers, Jerry
  4. k5ikl

    Kitchen 1.1

    Wow Harv, that looks great. You done good young man. Cheers, Jerry
  5. Looks great John. Hope I can get the "N" to look that good. Cheers, Jerry
  6. Did this one a year or so ago but don't think I ever posted it here. Used AMS resin seat and stick along with Eduard cockpit detail. Cheers, Jerry
  7. What timing John. I have the Trumpeter P-47N out of the closet and hope to get started on soon, I hope. Cheers, Jerry
  8. Knew I wasn't going to see Air Strike. I could barely make it thru the trailer on You Tube. Jerry
  9. I do the Voodoo. Completed the same time that I finished the P-40B posted earlier is the Monogram 1/48 F-101B Voodoo OOB with Caracal decals for the Texas ANG 111th FIS. Last 2 pictures is with the RF-101B and the F-4C/D Phantom (TX ANG) that I did many years ago. Also Monogram kits. Cheers, Jerry
  10. Started this build back in the spring and finally got it finished a couple of weeks ago. Revell 1/32 P-51D Mustang of Lt. Arvil Roberson of the 357th Yoxford Boys. Used Eagle Cal decals, Barracuda resin wheels and Radu seat belts. Nice easy build, but due to my slowness took me longer than I wanted. Cheers, Jerry
  11. Been away from this forum for a couple of years but I am back with this Tomahawk I finished a couple of months ago. Trumpeter 1/32 P-40B Tomahawk of David Lee "Tex" Hill, Squadron Leader, 2nd Squadron, "Panda Bears"---China, Burma 1941-1942. Used the Cutting Edge resin cockpit (kit cockpit is to shallow), Eduard PE IP and EagleCal decals. Probably should have used some AM wheels but went with the kit ones. Cheers, Jerry
  12. Thanks for the info. Also got this color info from another site. RAL 7012 Basltgrau, RAL 6014 Gelboliv and FS 36375 Light Ghost Gray/RAL 7001 Silbergrau. Cheers, Jerry
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