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  1. PARTS HAVE BEEN FOUND. Thanks to a good friend in Ft. Worth. Hey bros (US), need some help. Need parts 93 nose top and 94 nose bottom for the Revell 1/48 F-18E Super Hornet. Same parts are also in the "F" kit. If you happen to have a derelict "E" or "F" with these parts available I would be glad to take them off your hands. Willing to pay a fair price plus shipping for them. Tried Revell but they are not shipping anything to the US at this time. Clipped both parts off sprue to test fit to the nose and now they have vaporized into thin air or who in the heck knows where. Thanks. Cheers Jerry
  2. Guess there is no interest but I'll give it a BUMP anyway.
  3. $70.00. Box is open, contents are still in sealed bags. Buyer pays shipping from 79109. Would prefer to keep sale in US/Canada. Cheers, Jerry
  4. Thanks Bomber. Yes, I did like the Kit World decals. I was a bit leery about getting them but they worked out real well. Went on nicely with MicroSol and the clear film just melted into the NMF with no silvering. They are not real thin nor to thick. The Two Bobs decals I used on my F-15E were much thinner than these. Definitely recommend them.
  5. Thanks Ernie. Sure looks like one to me too. Even up close without the 3 foot rule. Jerry
  6. Thanks Rob. The build was pretty straight forward but typical Trumpeter. Over engineered with way to many teeny weeny useless parts. I found the landing gear a PITA to assemble. To many parts to just get a gear leg. Should have been molded as a whole part. Also the engine must be aligned perfectly inside the cowl or the prop hub will set above the front of the cowl. Now that I know all of this the next one I do will be without the engine. All in all it wasn't all that bad. I have the RAF P-51B Mustang III to try sometime in the future. Next project on the table is the (UGH!!) Trumpeter 1/32 F-105D. Oh yay. Jerry
  7. Just finished the Trumpeter 1/32 P-51B Mustang for Ralph "Kidd" Hofer's Salem Representative of 334th FS, 4th FG May 1944. Used Kit World decals, Eduard seat belts and wheels. Cheers, Jerry
  8. Just about to finish this P-51B and used Kits World decals for Salem Representative. They went on very well with no problems. Insignia's were the ones from the kit since Kits World doesn't provide them. I was leery of them too but jumped in and would highly recommend them. Cheers, Jerry
  9. Was wondering about Eli. Has he shut Zotz decals down? Haven't seen anything new from him in quite awhile. Sorry Rueben, don't have those P-38 decals. Good hunting amigo. Cheers, Jerry
  10. Thanks for posting Maru. The Man in Black is my favorite C & W singer. Hope you are doing well mi amigo. Take care. Cheers, Jerry
  11. Hasegawa F-86F-40 (Mig Mad Mavis) done quite a few years ago. This kit is not truly a Korean War era Sabre. -30 had shorter wings.
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