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  1. Finally finished one after a brief absence. Painful arthritis in my left hip and lower back has slowed my building way down. Anywhooo, here you go. Hasegawa 1/32 F6F-3/5 done as a Royal Navy F6F-3 Hellcat Mk. I Used Techmod decals, Eduard seatbelts and IP, seat and stick from the Verlindin cockpit set. Now if I can just get the Revell 1/32 F-14A Tomcat finished. Cheers, Jerry
  2. All SOLD except for the Sturmovik. Anybody???? Will have some Tamiya kits coming up for sale soon.
  3. Thanks Harv. I missed that news somewhere along the line.
  4. Looks like I need another "hope something will sell" BUMPITY. Four still available.,
  5. Did I miss something? What news came out yesterday? Jerry
  6. Need a BUMPER............... Have added the Revell FW-190A-8/R-11 Night Fighter to the sale.
  7. The ones I have listed here are also on Graveyard and just sold one of them with no pics of open boxes as Harv stated.
  8. All SOLD, but the Sturmovik. Anyone????? Hobby Boss IL-2M Sturmovik ......................$70.00 (Open) Contents of open boxes are still in sealed bags. Buyer pays shipping. Payment by PayPal or Money Order (Bank or USPS). Would prefer to keep sales in US/Canada. Cheers, Jerry P.S. Will have some Tamiya kits coming up for sale soon.
  9. Done. Email sent. See what comes of that. I knew they were just a two man operation and had real jobs but I haven't seen anything from them in a few years so thought maybe they had shut down their business. Thanks Vandy, Jerry
  10. Thanks Scott. Going to the Nats won't be happening so guess I'll forget what I was looking for. Wanted to get a couple of sets of their 1/32 F-4G Conversions for the Revell F-4E/F which has the corrected nose. Oh well, que sera sera!! Jerry
  11. Are they still in business? Website comes up but everything seems to be "sold out". Cheers, Jerry
  12. I feel your pain Harv. Was the same with me trying to sell a couple awhile back. Jerry
  13. Thanks Alan. I was thinking of those too. Have heard pluses and minus about them airbrushing. May have to give them a try. Jerry.
  14. What is a good substitute to replace MM Metalizer Burnt Metal? I can find lots of burnt iron. AK Xtreme Metals has a burnt metal thru Hobbyworld USA but 90% of their stuff is backordered. The downside of AK is $11.25 per bottle plus $8.75 shipping. $20.00 a bottle, I think not. Alcald has some different shades of burnt metal but not the grey shade like MM. I love the MM Metalizers as they were suitable for airbrushing as well as brushing small parts. Cheers, Jerry
  15. I love Phantoms but that is to expensive for my wallet for a 1/48th kit. Jerry
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