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  1. Built both the 15 and 17 using AMS resin cockpits. Not the best kit in the world but like you said "a lot cheaper". Jerry
  2. Been awhile since last bump...BUMP
  3. Hey Smitty, No problem. Your interest is what made me decide to throw it out for sale as I have quite a few big jets I am probably not going to get built so need to start listing them. Check back later when you have loads of cash oozing out of your pockets and see if I still have it. Jerry
  4. Academy 1/32 F-18A Plus Hornet "VMFA-232 Red Devils"................ $130.00 (Shipping NOT included) Not interested in any trades at this time. Box is open, contents are still in sealed bags. Payment by PayPal or Money Order (USPS or Bank). Would prefer to keep sale in US/Canada. Cheers, Jerry
  5. Thanks for the pics Ernie. Was down there the week before for a medical procedure on my back. Had planned on attending the show and doing the procedure this past week but doctor was going to be out of town. Would have liked to seen you. Jerry
  6. I have the F-18A Red Devils boxing that I can let go.
  7. Happy Birthday over there in Albuquerque Senor Dude. Jerry
  8. I did too and other than the shallow cockpit (which I replaced with the Cutting Edge pit) it wasn't all that bad. Jerry
  9. Oooops. My apologies "Sir" Desmond.
  10. You mean that's NOT done??? Looks great Ernie. Jerry
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