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  1. Thanks Bomber. I use Model Master enamels. Those particular colors were Aggressor Gray on the nose, Neutral Gray underside and tail, Gunship Gray for the topside. Jerry
  2. Thanks Harv. Enjoy Hawaii.
  3. Recently finished the Hasegawa 1/32 F-16C. Used Quickboost seat, Super Scale decals and Model Master pitot tube, otherwise OOB. Cheers, Jerry
  4. Have built 17 so far. 14 in 48th and 3 in 32nd.
  5. No, I built the Hasegawa F-4J long before ZM or Academy came out with theirs.
  6. Thanks Martin. Started the Trumpeter 1/32 P-47N and their color callouts are a bit vague. Trying to get the engine to fit right and getting rather frustrated. I shall press on though. Cheers, Jerry
  7. Inside of P-47N cowl, aluminum or chromate yellow ?? Cheers, Jerry
  8. Thanks Martin. I have a 1/48 VF-84 F-4J Phantom done that I want to do the same thing with a 1/32 one. Just got to quit procrastinating. Cheers, Jerry
  9. Finished last night, the Monogram 1/48 F-14A Tomcat of VF-84 "Da Bones" along with it's mate the big 1/32 Revell Tomcat. Used CAM decals, True Details seats, Master Model AOA and Alpha probes and Steel Beach chin pod. Cheers, Jerry
  10. Ernie, LSM staff member?? Oh heck, this site is going to hell in a heartbeat. Just one Texan ribbing another Texan Ernie. Welcome as a staff member and I know you will handle the job in an outstanding manner. That's because you are an awesome guy. Cheers Amigo, Jerry
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