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  1. Have watched the first episode. Pretty good. Cheers Jerry
  2. That is Memphis Belle II of 357th TES, 355th TFW, Takhli RTAB 1970. 8 months later I have the Trumpeter 1/32 F-105D "THUD" finally done. Used Aero Club metal gear, Print Scale decals, Black Box seat, Eduard PE IP, Master Model pitot tube and ResKit resin wheels. This kit changes the 3 foot rule to 6 feet. Had to build this one in spurts as I either got tired of working on it or frustrated with it. Cheers, Jerry
  3. Why you selling it John? To much PE. LOL
  4. I tossed that about then decided to stay with the Gull Gray. Like you I think the ghost gray looks closer to photos so on the next "S" I do I will give ghost gray a try just to be different. LOL
  5. Here is my Hasegawa F-4S. Watching to see how that kit builds up. Cheers, Jerry
  6. HAPPY HAPPY 71st BIRTHDAY Harv. Have a good one and enjoy your day.... Cheers, Jerry
  7. Really don't need the whole sheet just the Fist of the Fleet decals for the tail. Screwed the pooch in applying them and need to replace them. Working on the Revell F-18E and those were the last decals applied. I don't really really want to strip them off and do another scheme. So if you have the sheet and are not going to do the FIST scheme let me know. Thanks. Cheers, Jerry
  8. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brian. Have a good one, New Mexico style. Jerry
  9. And thanks again Bill.
  10. Thanks Jeff. Yeah, she is pretty talented. Her ambition was/is to open her own cupcake/cake business. But not feasible at this time.
  11. Thanks Smitty. Macaroons all gone.
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