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DH2... not sold out???


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I think it's sold out mate - just a glitch that there is no point fixing when everything is getting shifted to Weta.


No mate!! Its not,.... at least yet!! 


Dave Johnson post this reply on Wnw fans facebook page:


Hi All,


Yes this is correct, there is a very limited number of kit #32028 DH.2 stock that will be available in the European and US warehouses only. They will be available early July via the Weta web store. Unfortunately we have sold out of all DH.2 in the NZ Warehouse.







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Obviously to do with the move to Weta's distribution system.


I wonder what with the new stock counting system that it will change the dynamics of how people purchase kits.

yup... and in future we will have sold out items in one warehouse and not sold out in other...For example if we need to buy for example in the US a sold item in Europe warehouse, paying more shipping and taxes or we can buy on Europe warehouse and then WnW will send from US warehouse or NZ HQ? 

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