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EagelCal’s 1/32 Heinkel He 219 Uhu Decals

Dave J

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EagelCal’s Heinkel He 219 Uhu Decals


Eagle Editions


Product # 147-32 & 147-48 Available from Eagle Editions and EagleCal Stockists.




When it comes down to Luftwaffe related subjects… there is one name that pops to mind that is well known for their accuracy towards this subject… That's Jerry Crandall and his company Eagle Editions! For quite some time, Jerry’s has produced high quality decals under his EagleCal brand, which are printed in Italy by Cartograf, who are very well known for their high superiority in decal printing business. When you mix the two together you know that you are getting every bang for your buck!

Off the back of the 1/32 Revell Heinkel He219 and the impending release from the Japanese manufacturer Zoukei Mura, EagleCals have catered for your decal needs! This sheet offers 3 Uhu  schemes for the A-0, A-2 and A-7 He 219 variants.




The three scheme’s for are the following –


He 219 A-0. W.Nr. Unknown, ‘G9+FK’, 1./NJG 1, Hauptmann Ernst-Wilhelm Modrow.




Ernst-Wilhelm Modrow, was a night fighter ace. He was awarded the Ritterkreuz (Knights Cross) after claiming 27 night victories. He gained his 34th, and last, victory on the night of  5/6 January 1945.


Upper surfaces are finished with RLM 76 and RLM 75 mottle. The undersurfaces are finished with RLM 76. The bottom of right wing is black with leading edge and wingtips in RLM 76. Black panels near the roots of the engine nacelle.    


He 219 A-2, W.Nr. #290126, “D5+BL”, 3./NJG 3.




This aircraft was photographed at Grove, Denmark during May 1945. Atfer its capture it was used as a test airframe by the RAF. All the German national markings were replaced with RAF roundels.


Upper surfaces are finished with RLM 76 and RLM 75 mottle and the all under surfaces and the vertical tail surfaces were RLM 22 Matt Black


He 219 A-7, W.Nr. #310193, Details unknown.




Upper surfaces RLM 75 with RLM 76 mottle and the under surfaces and sides of the aircraft RLM 76.


Information on this airframe is unknown. There are couple of photos of this airframe published showing US Soldiers inspecting there newly captured war prize. All photo show the front cockpit section missing.






As mention prior the decals are superior quality as you would expect from EagleCals’ and Cartograf. Printing is very sharp in detail and colours are strong and are a pretty good match to their RLM colourings. Carrier film on the decal is minimal… to be honest it’s almost invisible! All whites are solid and white, which I find very important on a decal sheet. I do find it annoying when its white is translucent and an off white/cream colour.







The instructions are fold out style and include profiles of each airframe upper surface, side profile and lower wing surfaces in full colour.  With all the information supplied on this sheet, there is a nice touch of including to 2 illustrations for correct FuG220 antenna arrangement for the three airframes on this decal sheet.









So what do we think?


Yes, the He 219 Uhu is a cool looking bird, but the schemes can be a tad boring and limited due to the time it appeared during the Second World War... But EagleCal offers you three of the most interesting schemes that you could find. This will surely be a hit with Uhu builders.

Our sincere thanks to Eagle Editions for the review sample used here. To purchase this directly, click the links in the review article.


Dave J.


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