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Construction Horror solved, Tracks for the Lazy Ones


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I think I'm not the only AFV-builder who does not like Rubber-, DS-, Magic- or segmented tracks.
Gentleman, there is a solution to our needs, somebody heard our cries.

AK-Interactive has a range of different tracks in their Web Shop
They carry tracks for Tiger I, Panther late, Panzer II, T-34, T-54, T55, T-62, Sherman, Panzer III early, KV 1, KV 85, SU 152, and BMP3
and the good thing you can get a limited amount of sets already assembled for a fortune (ca. 10 €).

These sets are cast from white metal and look very similar to the Friul ones. The only difference I found was that there is steel instead of brass wire used for the connection.
the whole length of the track is assembled, but the rods are not glued in. I didn't count the connected links but the length looked suitable. There are five spare track links per side.

I love that offer and could hug the person who connected all the links and got bored instead of me :)

Cheers Rob

My set of Panther late tracks


That's what is in the box. The tracks are separately packed with a short piece of wire and the spare links. 


Left - Magic tracks (not to bad but do not clip securely)               Middle - Friul ATL-28                                                         Right - AK Spare tracks


Magic Track






And that is how it fits around the idler wheel of a Dragon Jagdpanther G2 without cleaning, I'm satisfied.


One complete track. Its up to you to count the track links


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