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  1. Hi Peter, I'm in for your build. Speaking of masks, I got a great set from Maketar for mine, including canopy, roundels, wheel masks and lettering. They are Kabuki style and great to work with. Cheers Rob
  2. Good to have you back Peter and you chose a big and bold bird for your return. I can't wait to see you work your magic with the Tiffy and what a time to clear some space in the shelf with the big Airfix Hellcat looming. Cheers Rob
  3. Now that's a cool tiny clinic about rigging. Thanks Gaz, seems I have to order some brass from Bob. BTW, which brass tube length do you chose for the German birds? Cheers Rob
  4. Nice Cruiser and fine weathering and painting. It has the everything fits look enhanced by the great base. Cheers Rob
  5. And I thought you are a Tamiya only guy . Nice choice though with the P-39. I will fasten my seatbelts, as I have received my Special Hobby one two weeks ago. Can't wait for you to do your magic on this one. Cheers Rob
  6. In the second volume of 'Air Modeller's Guide to Wingnut Wings' there is a Pfalz build by David Parker. He used Misterkit GC17 German Pfalz Silbergrau and misted a coat of pale Aluminium over this. I never heard of the Colour before and I don't have it, so I will perform some tryouts to achieve the effect otherwise. Parkers result though is looking very convincing. Cheers Rob
  7. The black basing looks a little psychedelic at first, but I can see how this will work out. Nice job on the worn Colours. Cheers Rob
  8. I'm in for that one. I started that same kit some years ago and had it out of the shelf twice last week. Maybe I continue with you along, although I'm not sure about the scheme I will depict. Thought about Lozenge too, but might choose the silvery white one from the kit. Cheers Rob
  9. There is some serious scratching and creative solution finding involved in your project. I enjoy to follow how you tackle it and try to learn something out of it. Cheers Rob
  10. Once again John, outstanding build and nice job with the printed decals. Cheers Rob
  11. Nice, you can feel the surrounding dryness, viewing your painting and weathering. Cheers Rob
  12. Nice and comfy, I have to second Gaz, these seats look great, hopefully you can see enough of that fine work through the doors and windows. The seats seem to be very narrow, but the legroom looks greater than in a Ryanair bird. Cheers Rob
  13. Looking great Martin, at firs I couldn't believe that the blob in front of the copter would convert to an elegant nose and voila, nose nicely done. Nice job of scratching with the back door as well. Cheers Rob
  14. I know, that's why I bought the special edition five minutes ago . Since yesterday I had it in the shopping cart for the umpteenth time. Thanks Gaz for inflicting the stenciling pain to me . Cheers Rob
  15. Outstanding, love the engine with all the added detail and the very convincing framework. Great skills as ever. Cheers Rob
  16. After some of their famous beers you be able to read it for sure . Cheers Rob
  17. Outstanding Jeroen, I second Cees on the V2 shard. Cheers Rob
  18. Nice, the ultimate badass copter. I found a build description of one here (German text) http://kitchecker.com/bauberichte_1/mi-24v_helmut_fraundorfer.htm There is a book published by Eduard about Czech Mi-24. As it is written in Czech I can't read it, but it has a lot of great pics. Eduard sold the book with their limited edition 1/72 Hind and separately, but it seems out of print now, but might be available elsewhere. https://www.eduard.com/eduard/hind-mi-24-in-czech-and-czechoslovak-service-book.html?listtype=search&searchparam=hind Cheers Rob
  19. A while ago I built a 1/48 F-15 Eagle and did the full stenciling job . I think the result looked ok, but since this time I have a more than slightly aversion to start another modern jet. More than once I put a F-4 Phantom back into the shelf and it was the only reason I didn't buy an AMK Mig-31 till now. I hate decaling in general and stenciling even more. One thing you might take into account is the quality of the decals. If they blend in perfectly without silvering and visible shining film, they will enhance your model a lot in my opinion. Cheers Rob
  20. Very nice, with lots of sand deposits , I like it. Cheers Rob
  21. That they are, after living some month on our island, this beautiful lady appeared in our garden. She is a young Lobo Herreno a very special kind of dog only to be found on our island. They are born shepherd dogs and very agile, demanding and intelligent. After some month with us she was gone and we were very sad with the loss. She might have been 'kidnapped', because she had no tendencies to run away. Now we have this little fellow since more than two years, he is a real 'perro feliz' a happy dog in all accounts, always friendly and fun to watch. As you can see he loves to relax in the sun. Cheers Rob
  22. Hi Gus, I like your green considering the 'warm light' photo situation, with the red background, I think it will look spot on in natural light, specially with a little 'dulling' however you will achieve that. Cheers Rob
  23. Hi Phil, seems to be more a paint log than a build log , as the construction phase seems to be almost finished. However, I will follow closely and hope to get some new ideas out of your painting and weathering. I have a basic Tamiya Jeep with a Legend SAS conversion set and some Alpine figures waiting, so count me in. Cheers Rob
  24. Hi Phil, to me the Foxbat is not about being pretty. The fascination lays in a design which is about raw power and speed in the smallest possible frame, combined with some Soviet design madness. It's just a huge engine, made able to fly with the addition of some minor things like wings and tails and a tiny cockpit as well. I can remember my jaw dropping as a kid, when I first saw pictures of the beast. This bird's design is the ultimate neglection of fanciness. Cheers Rob
  25. Great looking prop, should look great on your 109. Cheers Rob
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