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  1. Nice detailing Gaz, bummer with the missing binoculars. Cheers Rob
  2. Thank you Martin, exactly my thinking, I like the early three tone schemes better, than the later all over GSB. If I would do another one, it might be British or Australian. Vielen Dank mein Herr , I forgot to mention, that I used the great brass made Master barrels, which were blackened chemically. Cheers Rob
  3. What an elegant plane, and it finally shows under the smooth primer coat. Let the fun begin . Cheers Rob
  4. Hola Señhoras y Señhores, finally the Hellcat is done. It was thought as an in between project, but took longer than expected, what I should have been expecting, knowing me . The kit is very good, but if you would be interested in, there could be a bit more cockpit detail. I was going for painting and finish with this build and left it as it was with the supplied PE detailing. I added the Brassin PW-2800 engine, which is a kit in the kit and an absolute gem. A little surgery was needed, to saw away the engine cowling panels, which are to be substituted with resin ones and a PE-framing. P
  5. You can still get some in Germany from Modellbau König, they claim to have more than five. I got mine from them. F-4 Phantom III E / J KAI - Phantom Forever2 (modellbau-koenig.de) Cheers Rob
  6. From far, it seems like Stan Laurel in DAK livery is inspecting the progress, Sons of the Desert . Great progress Gaz, the size comparison is interesting, this Tank is tiny. Cheers Rob
  7. The surgery and extra effort payed well off, the Fokkker is a beauty. Always good to see an oldie turned into a goldie. Cheers Rob
  8. Is that the one which followed you, without you noticing ? I'll be interested to see, what you gonna do with it. At least, it will drain your paint rack, given the size. Cheers Rob
  9. Your surface is so smooth, the real one would have gone 50km/h faster with that type of finish. Cheers Rob
  10. It seems, like you found your 'real' art, keep it coming, we are patient spectators . Cheers Rob
  11. I've seen yours and it raised my interest. I'm aware of the more plain future boxing, but it was the disco glitter livery, which sealed the deal. It seems like you have to adopt to a new role , LSM Head of Advanced Influence or HAI in short, reads nice on a business card. Actually I like being influenced and got my purse drained, at least model wise . The F-4 could easily be my next build, lets see. Cheers Rob
  12. You created a beauty and the setting with the figures fits nicely. Hard to imagine, to assemble that plane in rolling waves onto an U-boat. I would prefer to assemble the resin version, instead of being seasick, while putting the wings into place. Cheers Rob
  13. Thanks for the how-to, the result is great, Takom could have designed that a bit better, though. Two millimeter are a lot. Cheers Rob
  14. Thanks for showing the product. I have lead wire from Plusmodel in different diameters, which is fine too. It's round shaped, but when I needed it rectangular, I flattened it easily using flat pliers or a piece of flat metal. I use that method for producing levers for WNW dashboards, which are flat and angled and for one side flattened cables, works great. Cheers Rob
  15. Today, among some long awaited vinyls, the postwoman brought me that beauty, a Japanese version of the F-4E in it's final livery from the Japanese Airforce in 2020. Why, some of you might ask, will you buy a ZM F-4 with the Tamiya one on the shelves soon. I got three reasons: - First and most important, I couldn't resist the disco inferno paintjob with glitter decals, luckily printed by Cartograph - I wanted a long nose Phantom, because I have a F-4B boxing from Eduard with all AM and who knows, if and when Tamiya decides to produce one. - Lastly, because the kit got a lot of praise,
  16. BTW, I had no fogging issues with the water based Mr. Masking fluid (not Neo) on my futurized Hellcat canopy. I just wanted to add the impression, because it was my first use of the stuff and it works safely. Cheers Rob
  17. It's the Lancia Stratos of fighter airplanes, that simple . Cheers Rob
  18. Don't get me wrong, the 100 Euro are for the metal pins alone . Cheers Rob
  19. I can see the finish line now with the Hellcat. I installed the Brassin engine and exhausts, which was a bit fiddly and needed some grinding on the engine mount, not so cool after painting. Finally the H-cat received a coat of matte varnish, after I finished some detail painting and repairs. On the pics, I found some other spots for rework. Cheers Rob
  20. Breathtaking details, your wood and leatherwork is exceptional. Cheers Rob
  21. I will keep your warning about being cautious with the pins in mind, for when I start my Spanish Breda incarnation. I definitely will not spend more than 100 Euros for metal replacements from Aber. Cheers Rob
  22. The painting and weathering is mostly finished and will be sealed with a matte coat after adding the engine. After gloss coating the decals, I brush chipped with different grey/blue tones and some more with interior green as primer color. Then it was time for oil colors heavy diluted with thinner, first in blue and then in a color similar to interior green, which were spreaded and partly removed with a saw brush and some thinner. For effect, I used different brushes with the oil thinner mix and dabbed carefully to break the uniform appearance of the panels. Cheers Rob
  23. Showtime, the start of the painting stage. All these tedious preparations are done now and you have the canvas ready. Bring it on Kai . Cheers Rob
  24. Wow, like the real thing, what more can be said. Cheers Rob
  25. Nice to see, how you adopt to the obstacles, taking one step after the other Peter. Way to go without a heart attack or heavy cursing at last. Poco a poco your laid back approach is leading to a very fine result, muy bueno. Cheers Rob
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