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Plusmodel (aeroline) 1:48 Portable toolbox


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Plusmodel (aeroline) 1:48 Portable Toolbox

Plusmodel Aero Line Series



Nearly on every air plane on maintenance this item is necessary for a proper access to any tool needed to repair an air bird.

The toolbox model appears to resemble to a modern item and not, for example, a WWII item.


So what’s on the box

This release from plusmodel supplied us with 10 resin parts, a length of cooper wire and a small decal sheet with stencils.


The instruction drawing is on the back of the front image and it’s a simple diagram.


The box is supplied as one unique piece, attach to the moulding bloc at one of its corners, minimizing the risk of damage when removing and cleaning of the mould block.


The connection is located on the lower part of the box, thus, not visible on the completed model.


The front and rear wheels are represented by two identical sets, composed each by:

Two wheels, front and rear wheel mount.

These parts, especially the wheels mounts are particular fragile and extra care must be taken to remove them from the resin block.


The junction of the wheel and the mount is made by the use of a small length of cooper wire (supplied on the set).

The last item of this set is the coupler. The part is very fragile so I repeat the advice give on the wheels. Take extra care on the part detachment to the resin mould block.


The decal sheet is small, but well printed.



This item, despite its simplicity, some care must be take on the parts removal from the casting blocks.

Despite that, it’s a strait forward build and with a proper paint and weathering it will bring attention to any model air plane diorama in 1:48 scale.



Our thanks to Plusmodel for the review samples and all the support given. To purchase this directly, click THIS link


Ricardo Veríssimo

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