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Plusmodel 1:35 fluid tank 1000L

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Plusmodel  1:35 Fluid tank 1000l

Catalogue #495


The daily objects are always something to differentiate on our model miniature world.

This set is one of those examples. I came across these objects on daily basis. They are modular build; allow storing a considerable amount of liquids (chemical, fuel or plain simple water)

Mounted on the back of a pickup truck, allow to irrigate the most far away potato field.

This release from Plusmodel is composed by two of this deposits.


Upon opening the card box this is what we'll get:


24 resin parts separated on two bags. The most fragile parts are bubble bag protected. The deposits are conditioned on a separate bag.

One photo etch fret containing the metal protection that surrounds the tank.


Details… always the details

On a closer look, the tanks are one single resin piece. On the top the filling cap is moulded closed with a nice and smooth detail. Some care is needed to remove the considerable resin block located on the bottom, despite this area is not visible on the finished model.



As this tanks are gravity feed, there a hole for the tap, that allow on the real object to drain the liquid inside8.thumb.JPG.c94f468d6a50a4fc9600f891dbc6e06f.JPG

The remaining resin parts make the deposit base (usually a black plastic mould).

Despite presented with resin flash and some mould blocks; these are easily removed and clean.

A small and holding an interesting detail is the taps, which are complemented with a photoetch handle.



And about the photo etch?

Well.. Actually In my opinion, this is the sub set that really brings my concern regarding the approach to use in order to blend it to the resin tank.

The instructions state the proper order to bend it around the resin tank.

Beginning from the central folds, working towards the front.

There are some vertical grooves on the resin deposit that are aligned with the photo etch rectangular pattern. With some tape is possible to fix the photo etch to the resin part and mark where to bend in order to shape the photo etch. The bond can be accomplished with cyano glue, but some will prefer to weld it. in either cases, clean the photo etch with a light abrasive sand paper.


Instructions – the guide for a happy ending

An A5 size paper is supplied as instruction guide. Simple and suffice.





This set is a original piece as an accessory to a modern diorama, simple and with a nice detail.

The challenge to simulate a half fill tank can create a interesting focus point on a diorama, as on the real ones, and for example, if fill with water, create a discoloration on the area filled with the liquid.

The assembly is not difficult, but some care and modelling engineer Is needed to add the photoetch part of the model.

Highly recommended!


Our thanks to Plusmodel for the review samples and all the support given. To purchase this directly, click THIS link


Ricardo Veríssimo

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