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1:32 Fokker D.VII F ‘Fighting Fokkers Part 5’

James H

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1:32 Fokker D.VII F ‘Fighting Fokkers Part 5’
Wingnut Wings
Catalogue # 30010
Available from Wingnut Wings for $19.00 with FREE worldwide delivery




Wingnut Wings don’t tend to release a new item by itself, and although this time we do in fact only have a single kit release, it is met by an accompanying new decal set, offering another FIVE schemes to add to the five in the regular kit release. The D.VII was most certainly one of the most colourful aircraft operated by the Idflieg, and the sheer number of schemes which are possible mean that you’d be building D.VII models forever and a day if you wished to dent them. Luckily, Wingnut Wings have done their research and brought us another set of attractive and varied schemes for their brand new kit, recently launched at the Omaka Air Show.


This release contains TWO high quality decal sheets, printed by Cartograf. The larger sheet contains the various personal emblems, codes, motifs and also a large number of panel sections. The latter are designed to make some of the schemes with bands and shapes which roll around the fuselage, just that little bit more achievable. Of course, there are some wide expanses of clear carrier film here, but that it so thin as to not be of any real concern. Where serials and weight tables clash with these panels, then they are printed as part of that panel. It’s a great touch, and I like it very much.






These various panels also have a number of indents and holes printed into them which coincide with the various control cable openings and fuel filler ports. It really is almost impossible to position these incorrectly with the way they have been designed.

The second, smaller sheet contains the various national markings and whole extra set of stencils and instrument decals. The crosses contain holes for the control cables to pass through, and are split where they pass from the wing to the aileron, or from the fin to the rudder.


Printing is first class, and the decals are quite thin too, with the colour being both solid and authentic, as well as being in perfect register.

For some schemes, you will need to combine the supplied decals with the lozenge that is provided in the kit, or with extra decal sets available from Wingnut Wings, such as rib tapes, and the Fokker streaking decals (although to my knowledge, Wingnut Wings don’t actually sell this as a separate item yet – contact them for details).




The instruction sheet has the five machine profiles printed on the front page, with colour reference given, as well as clear decal placement identification. Inside the instructions, and rolling onto the back page, the schemes are shown in various planform and sectional details, where appropriate, along with a history of the machine/pilot, and their fate. We all know what happened to Hermann Göring!

Alongside each scheme, a period image of the aircraft is supplied, and a set of notes about which alternative parts are to be used for that specific machine. It is worth noting that the Goering machine isn't fitted with MGs due to its post-war status.






The five schemes included with this release are:

  • Fokker D.VII F 465/18, Georg von Hantelmann, Jasta 15 & JG II, October 1918 (25 victories)
  • Fokker D.VII F 7716/18, Bruno Loerzer(?), Jasta 26 & JG III, (44 victories) November 1918, Hermann Göring (22 victories), April 1920.
  • Fokker D.VII F Otto Löffler (?), Jasta 2, Late 1918 (15 victories)
  • Fokker D.VII F, ‘Red Z’, Jasta 26 (?), November 1918
  • Fokker D.VII F, Fritz Haack, Jasta 46, Late 1918




This decal set provides five very varied schemes for the brand new D.VII F kit, and I’m thinking that you might well need to purchase more than one D.VII F kit in order to cram some of these in. In this set, the Göring scheme really appeals to me because of the notoriety of the pilot, the excellent banded colours, over-painted balkenkreuz, and the fact no guns are carried. Truly an original. For those wanting something a little different, I’m sure there’s something here that will appeal.


Very highly recommended.


Our sincere thanks to Wingnut Wings for the review sample used here. To purchase directly, click THIS link.









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