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The Red Army on Parade Volume 1 1917 – 1945


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100 Years of Soviet and Russian Military Parades- 1917 -2017

The Red Army on Parade Volume 1 1917 – 1945

Author: James Kinnear

Publisher: Canfora Graphic Design & Publishing


500+ photos





Canfora presents us the first part of 3 books covering 100 years of Russian Military Parades.

This event held annually gained worldwide fame due to the mass presentation of Military vehicles in parade on the also famous red square. Despite the fact that parades were organized on this location before the Russian Revolution, it was on this period that it started to be associated as a annual demonstration of red Army and latterly Soviet Army military might.

This volume (1) covers 28 years of Russian military parades, hold on red square (1917-1945). Researched and written by James Kinnear, who had written hundreds of articles on soviet and Russian military technology, this book is the culmination of his collecting material on a subject that never had been covered so depth.


The book is organized chronologically, by decades, presenting the reader the historical

context of each era, focusing on the military vehicles on the parades.




The reader is presented with a precise and detailed historical event, and very well documented by the quantity and quality of the included photographs. It positively surprised me, more than 500 pictures published and even more unpublished.  


Of particular interest are the pages dedicated to the parades staged during WWII period with focus on the 1st May 1945, 24th June 1945 – The VE Victory Parade and 7th September 1945 – The Allied Victory Parade – Berlin, where the new IS-3 heavy tank was “introduced” and paraded to the shock of foreign commanders, that had not expected to see from a country weakened by four years of war for survival.1975635851_IMG_1042(Custom).JPG.8e9be59221cee68331fcd5bc6d5879f8.JPG1532087980_IMG_1044(Custom).JPG.8d2f14a700098a1a5e26d1ce4ba61569.JPG514237441_IMG_1045(Custom).JPG.642f0520c9390d85737be9ebb9b07f33.JPG

Also, worth mention is the relation of all “tekhnika” – the equipment presented on all parades, included: foreign, light, fast, medium and heavy tanks, Self-propelled and towed artillery and military transport.1535959466_IMG_1049(Custom).JPG.11bb0bcfb94c89fa82662646a673ddf8.JPG1827458427_IMG_1050(Custom).JPG.2c68c8ecc1b422862137e13cef7cd206.JPG207588936_IMG_1052(Custom).JPG.3357d579cbe16ca79af2e5be165f0c96.JPG


This book is intended as a neutral account of the armoured vehicles and weapons systems that have been demonstrated on the red square in the past century, presented in a unique and in-depth narrative for this world-famous event.

The book is hard covered with matt finish and the image reproduction is high quality even though some pictures had almost 100 years.





This is a high recommended book for everyone interested on contemporary military history.

To purchase this directly, click here.



If you found this review helpful and decide to purchase this product, please tell them you read about it at Large Scale Modeller!


Disclaimer: all photos all in low quality to preserve and prevent all copyright.


Ricardo Veríssimo




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