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1:32 Tempest Pilot - Plusmodel

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AERO line


Tempest Pilot




Catalogue number - AL3001

Price tag: $23,90/€16,80


Available from Plusmodel 


Another pilot on this Easter day and once again from Plus Model

A couple of years now, Plusmodel was a new line called “AeroLine” with figures, details sets and others accessories for aircraft and here on Lage Scale Modeller we have the honor of review almost every item of this line.


Let´s see the box.

The usual clear plastic box, shows what you get, three resin pieces containing a 1:32 representation of a WW2 Tempest pilot in a relaxed pose, retaining one hand a cup of coffee or more probably, a cup of tea and another the helmet.

 This figure comes in three pieces with both arms separate from the main body (Head, Torso, and legs).



The main body, cast in a single piece, with sharp details in the cloths.






The detail is really awesome and just continues to prove that Plusmodel knows what is doing.

 The sculptor did a hell of a job on this (love the relaxed look and the cup of tea!!) and Plusmodel did a fantastic casting of it.






The figure of the pilot has a good attitude and a great facial expression.


For painting instruction, the label’s back is printed with a large full-color draw of the figure.



The figure is spectacular with a very cool look and full and genuine details making it a must have to be right at SP 1:32 Tempest.

Undoubtedly, a great figure with a great style that will look great next to a 1:32 Tempest.


Very Highly recommended.




Our thanks to Plusmodel for the review samples and all the support given. To purchase this directly, click THIS link




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