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HELP! I've been invaded by Airfix...lol

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Hey all

 Just a little sompun sompun. These arrived from Today and a couple of days ago.


20190713_140128.jpgNot sure which one will come after the Hellcat, probably the Tiffy,  then the Mosquito. I have these for the Mossie.

20190713_134434.jpgBarracuda main wheels.

20190713_134556.jpgYahu instrument panel.

20190713_134653.jpgAnd Master Models 20mm cannons. I have the Master Models .303 machine guns on order waiting for them to come in the mail. I also have the Master Models 20mm cannons for the Tiffy, but I'm kinda wondering if the Mossie ones would be better? I don't know have to check it out.

Ron G

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