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  1. Yeah Ernie But all of that isn't as bad as 18,000 a day of illegal immigrants coming into your state Ron G
  2. Hey all I'm back! Yupp I'm back on the ol Hellcat. I have accumulated some more aftermarket stuff for this build. No pictures yet I still going over my previous work to see if I need to make any corrections, none so far. I'm also doing another one of these in FAA colors. It will be aircrft jv131 EL from 800 squadron on the HMS Emperor during "D" day, so it will be extra dark sea grey/ slate grey over sky with invasion stripes and red cowl, ought to look pretty cool in those colors. If anyone knows of anybody that make 1/24 scale decals of this plane I would be very grateful. See you soon Ron G
  3. Hey Harv Any progress on this? I've been using this to do my FW190-A5 build, so don't stop know, I'll be stuck...lol Great build so far. Ron G
  4. Hey John Another superbly done bent wing bird! I sure hope I can come close to your Corsair master peices on my Tamiya F4u-1A. John, I have a question for you. Do you think it would be possible to fit the Aires gun bay for the Trumpeter 1D into the Tamiya 1A? Or are they to different? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ron G
  5. SO you do know how to build something other than a Corsair...lol. Great looking Spit. John. I'm working on a Tamiya Mk. IXc in the same paint scheme, but British, I hope it turns out as nice. RonG
  6. Great looking bent wing Frank! I hope my F4U-1A turns out as nice. RonG
  7. Hey K5ikl Actually the Vallejo metal colors work fairly well for brush painting, small items that is, bigger ones I would use my airbrush. Ron G
  8. Hey Gaz How did you get your Synthetic Ordinance Works landing gear? There's no way of getting ahold of them on there web site. I'm looking for there set for Hasagawa's FW190A-5/8 there #MLGS 1005 and the set for Trumpeters P-38J/L there #MLGS 1013. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ron G
  9. Great build John Keep up the usual great work. Ron G
  10. Hey Scott I use two acrylic/plastic nail polish racks they hold about 65 of the Vallejo bottles each, are easy to hang and only cost about $14.00 dollars each. WAY! Less work then building wooden shelves. Ron G
  11. Yupp, I have two, one will be converted to a F6F-3 the other will be british. Ron G
  12. Thanks Scott Yeah when I was a kid (back in the stone age...lol) me and my brothers would campass the whole neighborhood on or bikes and fill up bags (the big briwn paper ones) three or four times with candy. We were sick for days...lol. It's not to bad, I'm already used to it, now it's time for all those extras...lol😎 Ron G
  13. Thanks everyone Actually my birthday is the 31st, but early presents are always cool...lol🎃 Ron G
  14. Hey Harv To bad we don't live closer, I'm in Michigan, we could go for a ride Ron G
  15. Hey all Thought I'd celebrate my 71st Birthday with a new 2021 Harley Davidson Tri-glide Ultra in vivid black. It's been about 7 years since I rode and the test ride was really different, you don't lean in the corners like a regular bike. It's definitely a different kinda animal...lol. because of my old weak knees and bum hip I can't ride a regular bike, but this rides like a dream. I pick it up tomorrow. Here's a picture of it. Ron g
  16. When do you start on the fully operational robotic figures that will operate this beautiful beast. I mean really, this thing is beyond amazing. Superbly done scratch building. Ron G
  17. Yah know for some reason this doesn't look like a Tamiya Corsair to me....lol She's looking good John. Ron G
  18. Hey all Did some more work on the fuel tanks. this view shows the new fuel tank temporarily in position on the truck. this view shows the tank straps, which are made from 0.02" thk. Plastic strip sitting on black rubber strips. These will be covered by chrome mylar tape and are attached to the mounting brackets with pins and bolts. closer view showing the mounting brackets. Ron G
  19. Hey Jeff Thanks Custom mixed with a little tamiya orange and yellow. Primed with tamiya desert yellow. Ron G
  20. Hey all Did some more work on the big KW. I got the rolled aluminum fenders, visor and front bumper from Ryan Mlynek off of Ebay. Here's what they look like. this view shows the rear dual fenders and the ones for the lift axle. Thay have a protective film over them that you peel off to reveal the polished aluminum surfaces. this view shows the visor and the "Texas" front bumper. a closer view of the fenders. this view shows the custom fuel tank and the engine now detail painted sitting in place. closer view of the Cat 3408 V8 engine. Well that's it for now be back soon. Ron G
  21. Hey all I've done some more work on the KW. I have the fuel tanks about 75% done. And I have the engine painted in Cat yellow. this view shows the kit tank on the left and the new 120 gallon tank on the right. this view shows the fuel cap and chain. The tank is made from a piece of Plastruct 1 1/2" diameter ABS tube and end caps. closer view of the fuel feed fittings and fuel cap. this view shows the fuel tank mounting bracket. another view of the fuel tank mounting bracket. Need to make three more. this view shows the engine, oil filters, pulleys and fan. this view shows the now, painted Cat yellow, Cat 3408 V8. I need to do some detail painting and weathering. I received the rolled aluminum fenders, bumper and visor for both the Kenworth and the Peterbilt in the mail today. Well that's it for now be back with more soon. Ron G
  22. Thanks guys I did some more work on the Cat 3408 V8 engine. this view shows the plumbing that I added to the engine. The copper colored wire is the throttle linkage. The green wire on the bottom is the fuel return line back to the fuel tanks. The green wires on the top are the fuel injection lines. this view shows some more plumbing. The green wire on the front is the line from the fuel priming pump/filter to the fuel injection pump. The large black line is the one from the fuel transfer pump to the primary fuel filters on the frame at the front. top view showing the fuel injection lines to the heads. Well that's it for now be back soon. Ron G
  23. Hey Peter Yes they do, but there more expensive $3.19 for a two pack.
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