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Nano Saws

James H

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Nano Saws

RB Productions
Catalogue # RB-T038

Available from RB Productions for €6.50





If you haven't yet seen the light and tried out some of RB Productions rather excellent photo etch saws, then here comes another release of those sets you will end up filing under "how did I cope without that?"


RB Productions have released a saw for almost every season, with bucksaws and micro saws, but for those of you who want fine saws for the most delicate of applications, then this miniature, yet mega pack of no less than SIX separate, different shaped 'nano saws', should be on your shopping list. All you'll need is an X-Acto style handle to mount them in. Let's take a look at what this pack offers.






Packaged into the familiar small zip-lock bag with a card stiffener, this set contains a small fret of stainless steel containing those six very sharp saws in different formats, held in situ with a small number of very small tags. As this is stainless, you will still need a fresh, sharp blade to remove them from the fret. You might also require a small jeweler's file to remove any sharp protrusions from the tags. Please be careful, these tools do have a very sharp cutting edge.






Whilst all the saws are different shapes, they do fall into 3 categories, and are listed on the instructions as so:

  • 2 x curved saws: these can be run along a rule (as per instruction photo). Two sizes are included – the narrower blade can be used to follow curved edges
  • 3 x tapered saws: these can be used to make piercing cuts – drill a suitable hole first and use it as a starting point for the cut
  • 1 x straight saw: this saw can be used to make long, straight cuts

All saws are indeed very fine, with a high number of teeth per inch, and as previously mentioned, very sharp too. Just because these are photo etch doesn't mean they are inferior to other saws. I've been using RB Productions saws since they were first released, and they are a staple of my workbench now.






You will need to avail yourself of an X-Acto, or similar fitting Swann Morton handle, also available from RB Productions, in order to mount these blades. I usually buy a few at a time so that my favourite saws are always at hand, without having to change the previous saw/rivet tool etc.


So what do we think?

For the detail modeller with his/her collection of aftermarket resin sets, then these saws are a godsend, especially with the increasing number of small components we regularly find in these detail sets. These are extremely affordable, working out at only just over a Euro each, so you really have no excuse but to try them out and look at RB Productions back catalogue of saw and tool sets.


Very highly recommended


Our thanks to RB Productions for the review sample used here. To purchase directly, click THIS link.


James H




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I've never used saws like this, but I can definitely see the utility in them. I'd like to pick up a set. What's the consensus on whether the nano, micro, ultra-fine, fine, medium, or rapid (phew!) saw is best for most applications? The nano seems like it would be good for taking parts both large and small off sprues, as well as doing some scribing. Or should I wait for the angstrom and pico saws to come out next?  ;)



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Hi Lindsay,

The saws are increasingly thinner, so you can choose the saw you need depending on what you want to do. For example, the rapid cut saw and the contour saws are ideal for resin - they will slice through resin pouring blocks.


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