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  1. The RB Productions scale 1/32 decal sheet with Romanian Hawker Hurricane Mk.1 is now available in the store: This sheet is available in the following scales: 1/32 http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_65&products_id=712 1/48 http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_66&products_id=714 1/72 http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_67&products_id=715 This decal sheet features six Romanian Hawker Hurricane Mk.1. Three of these aircraft can be built with two different marking schemes. The Hurricanes featured in this sheet include aircraft with metal wings and fabric wings. The package includes full-colour instructions. The decals are silk-screen printed by Fantasy Print Shop. RB Productions will have a stand at the IPMS UK Scale Modelworld show held in Telford on the week-end of 11-12 November 2017. You can pre-order any RB Productions items from the store to collect at the show if you wish to save on postage. A discount of 10% will apply to pre-orders collected at the show. Please note that we can apply this discount only to RB Productions products. To pre-order, you only need to log in, use the shopping cart to create your order, choose the "Store Pickup" shipping method, choose to pay in advance or pay at the show and then complete your order. Please place your order before 8 November 2017. We are looking forward to meeting you in Telford. Thank you for your support! Radu
  2. RB Productions will have a stand at the IPMS UK Nationals held in Telford on the week-end of 12-13 November 2016. You can pre-order any items from the store to collect at the show if you wish to save on postage. A discount of 10% will apply to pre-orders of RB Productions items collected at the show. To pre-order, you only need to log in, use the shopping cart to create your order, choose the "collect at the show" delivery method, choose to "pay at the show" and then complete your order. Please note that will not be able to offer any discounts on Zoukei Mura products. Please place your pre-order for collection in Telford before 9 November. In Telford we will have a very limited stock of our latest products for the new Revell 1/32 Me 262 B1a/U1 model kit. These sets were designed for the new Revell kit and they may not be suitable for any other Me 262 models. - Me 262 Radar Antennas and Pitot Tube. These include a resin support frame and turned brass antennas and Pitot Tube: see more at this link: http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3_85&products_id=690 - Me 262 Drop Tank Racks. See more at this link: http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3_85&products_id=691 - Me 262 Main Wheels. See more at this link: http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3_85&products_id=692 - Me 262 B1a/U1 Canopy Masks. See more at this link: http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=108_115&products_id=693 Please note that stocks of the above items will be limited in Telford, we are making them as fast as we can, so the few kits available will be sold on a "first come, first served basis". Therefore if you pre-order them for collection at the show please choose the "pay at the show" option. These sets will be in stock by the end of November. We also released a few sets of generic detail sets: - Rib Stitching Strips #1. See more details here: http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=77_116&products_id=694 - Rib Stitching Strips #2. See more details here: http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=77_116&products_id=695 - Zippers. See more details here: http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=77_116&products_id=696 For more new products from RB Productions, please see our home page: http://www.radubstore.com We are looking forward to meeting you in Telford. Thank you for your support! Radu
  3. As James mentioned above, I include donwloadable instructions with my models. The reason is "cost". Printing is expensive and a printed instruction sheet would add another 5 euro (or maybe more) to the price. You will see this with short-run kits, almost bespoke or artisan models. We do runs of 100 or 200 resin kits. Some of our resin kits have a production run of only 50. On production runs of more than 1000 kits, getting the printing done in bulk is cheaper, but on very limited runs, printing becomes a significant expense that can "sink" a project. So, I decided to NOT include a CD with the kit but rather make the instructions available in pdf format by download. We did not come to this decision lightly. At our club meetings we asked some fellow modellers whether they preferred a printed instruction sheets at an extra 5 euro added to the price tag or a downloadable instruction sheet at no extra cost. The overwhelming majority, maybe 9 in 10, said that they preferred the cheaper option. There are numerous advantages to downloadable files. To start with, my laptop comes with no CD drive now, so a CD would be useless. But on that laptop I can download the instructions in a few minutes. I can also download the instructions on a mobile phone, tablet, e-reader, even a game console. Furthermore, I have a few older "obsolete" phones and tablets (android, ipad, kindle) in the house and a couple of them are now in my workshop and I use them constantly to access electronic information, photos, articles, etc, while working. Another major advantage is that with a pdf on a screen you can zoom in and enlarge any image that may be unclear and see better how parts should be assembled. Radu
  4. Well, your list has 10 items. Revell can only do one 1/32 new tool a year. So... even if they chose one from your list, this could take a while... And you are not the only one with a list. Other people's list may not even have one single plane from yours. :-) No matter what Revell picked, people would be "disappointed. " Equally, people will be pleased. As I already said, I can see the Hurricane and the Mustang B doing well in 1/32. Who knows? They may be made eventually. They may even be done by many competing manufacturers. But I cannot picture ANY scenario that would determine a manufacturer, any manufacturer, to choose a Defiant or a Battle over a Me 262 in scale 1/32. :-) Radu
  5. I seriously doubt that any of these models would "beat" the 262 in sales volumes. Yes, I can see a Hurricane or a Mustang doing much better than a 262, but a Battle selling "better" than a 262? Radu
  6. Hi, We just released three new products: - Romanian Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6 Part 2. This is a decal sheet featuring 5 interesting aircraft with unusual markings. This sheet is available in scales 1/32, 1/48 and 1/72. This sheet will be launched at the IPMS Scale Model World Show in Telford on 7 November 2015. For more information, please visit this link: http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_65&products_id=641 - self-adhesive masking strips. Use these strips to mask complex patterns on compound curves. Now you can paint spinier spirals and stripes on weapons, radar domes and drop tanks. For more information, please visit these links: http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=108_115&products_id=644 http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=108_115&products_id=645 Please note that you still have time to pre-order for collection at the IPMS Scale Model World Show in Telford. We usually offer a 10% discount on all orders to be collected at the show, but this time, we offer this discount (on selected RB Productions items) to everyone. Please visit our website for more information http://www.radubstore.com Thank you for your support Radu
  7. Here is our photo-etched cockpit detail set for the Zoukei Mura 1/32 Ta 152 H-0 and Ta 152 H-1 kits. This set contains parts for the instrument panels, side consoles, rudder pedals, seat back armour and other cockpit parts. For more information, please visit our website: http://www.radubstor...products_id=639 Thanks for your support, Radu www.radub.com
  8. Ar234 Monographs 3D edition / Kagero

    I can't really tell from what I can see in these images whether the 3D renderings are ok or not. But the line drawings have obvious flaws such as short engines, incorrect wing angle of incidence, bad wing shape and bad cross sections. There is a whole long list of issues with those drawings... Radu
  9. Ar234 Monographs 3D edition / Kagero

    The "scale" line drawings aren't correct. They simply replicate the issues that first appeared in B. Hygate's drawings, which were published in so many places. Radu
  10. Hi, We would like to announce RB Productions' latest products: - Scale 1/32 “Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka Type 22.” This is a multimedia resin and photo-etched model. You can find more information here: http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=22_152_155&products_id=635 - Scale 1/32 “Fokker Eindecker Wing Conversion Set.” This is a photo-etched detail/conversion set for the Wingnut Wings kits of the Fokker E.II, E.III, and E.IV Eindecker. You can find more information here: http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_68&products_id=634 Our Eindecker conversion kits are selling quite fast and we are making them as fast as we can. The first production batch sold-out on pre-orders alone, so if this kit is marked “out of stock”, please order it anyway and yours will be in the next production batch. - Scale 1/350 “Smardan/Brutar II-Class River Patrol Monitor.” This is a multimedia resin and photo-etched model of a very unique-looking ship. You can find more information here: http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=22_154_159&products_id=633 Lower prices for non-EU orders: all prices on our website include VAT tax that has to be paid only by customers located in the European Union. Orders placed from outside the European Union will have VAT automatically removed at the checkout. Thank you for your support. Regards, Radu http://www.radubstore.com
  11. Can miliput be revived

    In the past, I had bad experiences with old miliput. What happens is that it breaks into small "crumbs" that do not mix with the other component and remain uncured. The result is a surface with with uncured spots that are impossible to process (sand/file or scribe). Personally, I would chop and cut away all hardened bits from each stick until reaching the soft core (if any is left) and only use that. If the whole thing is gone hard and brittle, I would not use it. Radu
  12. Ar 234 B-2

    Wow! Blast from the past! Around this time eight years ago I was working on the masters for that. Radu
  13. Ar 234 B-2

    Nice model so far. I think it may the same type of sealant tape used on the Corsair panels on the top of the nose. In that place there is a bulkhead separating the cockpit section and the fuselage section. Radu
  14. 1/32 Scheuch Schlepper

    Thanks! Technically this is ready to use with an Arado (or any plane that can be fitted with a yow bar) out of the box, but the vehicle that is usually shown in photos towing the Arado is the Kettenkrad. ZM makes a nice one: http://www.zoukeimura.co.jp/en/products/sws_ketten.html Regards, Radu
  15. 1/32 Scheuch Schlepper

    Thanks very much everyone for your kind words. Radu