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F4U Corsair Diffences

Dave J

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I had the question asked to me last night on the differences on the F4U-1 Birdcage compared to a F4U-1A/1D... I know a few of you are waiting for the F4U-1A/1D... but it is possible to build a 1A/1D but you would require some parts from the later release from Tamiya or another manufactures kit...


F4U-1 early/mid Birdcage (Tamiya Kit #60324) to F4U-1 Late (-1A destination, not officially used till post war)


  • Redesigned Bubble Canopy.
  • Antenna Mast fitted to Fuse, aft of Cockpit.
  • Pilots Seat raised by 180mm/7in (5.14mm/0.2in in 1/32 scale).
  • Lengthened tail wheel strut.
  • USMC F4U's lacked arrester hooks and had a pneumatic tail wheel.

  • USN F4U's had smaller diameter solid rubber tail wheel.

  • First to be able to carry a drop tank under the centre section of the Fuse.

  • Belly window was deleted on most airframes.





F4U-1 Late - F4U-1D


  • Twin-rack plumbing for additional drop tank.
  • Underwing Rocket launchers/tabs (last 266 F4U-1D's)
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Re the raising of the seat - was it just that, or was it the whole pit??


I can see that a LOT of modellers here in UK want to do Fleet Air Arm birds, but as far as I have seen, Tamiya's kit = Corsair I, and although plenty got delivered, none of these saw action.


This certainly makes the MkI a 'zero interest' bird for me sadly.


I am confident however that, cockpit issues aside, maybe someone like A2zee will come to the rescue of us UK modellers ;)


Apparently the clipped wing DOES NOT equate to demarcation line between wing and wing tip in the kit (from those on LSP who know waaaay more about the Corsair than I do!) although making this alteration is maybe not that difficult?

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