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some work in progress


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I started yesterday this job , the mould is nice Bronco is very tidy , but left on the sprue to much waste , so the small piece has to be clean one per one , it is something i do not understand , this a famous German AA 88  mm gun , in the  box cover it show one English soldier close at the gun, i do not understand if bronco wanted to mean one Captured gin , but i see better one German servant, i think ifs the only think will be nice on the box, any way u can see it from the pictures i attached  some pictures are my small collection of model that waiting to be done, and my shack matter of daily discussion with my wife , as many woman she do not understand the importance of  timidness  ,and the importance do not touch nothing and try to put in place












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Firstly, Hi Linx and welcome to LSM - we're glad to see you and look forward to seeing more of your builds, armour or otherwise.


Very nice WIP so far and, as Jamme says ... a nice stash you've got to keep you going as well.  The box art seem to show a "Tommy" standing and looking at the 88mm gun, are you going to paint this as captured or as the original German scheme?  either way it's going to look very nice  I'm sure, and I looking forward to it.

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