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I should be in the Guiness book of records!

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Hey guys.

I tried to find a case with the most chemotreatments and found this Article here. 54 treatments.

Just as a lark I wrote to the editor. Here is my email:

Dear editor.

I am writing because by chance ifound the article World record chemotreatments.
The bloke had 54. I had 290. 34 via lumbar punture, the others via my veins. My chemotherapy is the strongest on earth and the only chemotherapy that damages the brain.
When this didntwork, I was placed onn Blinotumomab for 19 months. I liked in one hospital first for 18 months. Then another over 19 months, 3 months in, the rest as out patient.
Then to save a foot from being amputated i was an out patient at another hospital for 8 months.
I send this just to let you know, 54 is not a lot. It is kind of funny.
All the best and I hope thst guy survived. 
All the best. Dale Cleary. 
Sydney Australia
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