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  1. Trumpeter MiG 17. Not as bad as Ernie's, but horrible. Horrible also in it just being clunky.
  2. Hi guys. Forum title says it all. How do I prevent vac' canopies yellowing? Thanks.
  3. Happy birthday for yesterday. 54 eh? I am 55 and must tell you that it's all downhill from there.
  4. Hi Ernie. I am very sorry to learn of this. Please accept my sincere best wishes.
  5. Here is a photo of my car. Enjoy. I thought it was a cat thread. Here is my cat. Enjoy.
  6. Ernie, can you build a Super Model for me? (Don't tell your wife.)
  7. Holy ×÷+++÷//==€€€€€!!!!!! Outstanding. I will try to find it complete. Is there a ready for inspection area? I have difficulty navigating this forum.
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