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  1. I just found this. Great stuff. Following.
  2. Dear sandbagger. I am disappointed. Every time I search the Vendors area, I never see your skills for hire or sale. How long must I wait?????
  3. The hetzer is getting some love. I just studied the the Italeri parts and instructions. Martyn provides a good case.
  4. You are correct. I confused the two thinking the 1st photo was a hetzer. I really don't know much about armour subjects. However now I see another subject to learn.
  5. I put my Frank away while I practice attaching aerials. So in between doing that I am going to build armour. I ordered templates for armour which should arrive this coming week. In between that I am doing a fast build on a 1/48 jet. This is from the second day. Following the Tony cleaning my bench was the biggest work. So much pastel chalk! Great workGaz.
  6. Thanks Phil. I also have a Takom T-55. The links look time consuming. I will look at the Finnish tank and the Js-2 in the morning.
  7. Thanks very much. The Finish tank looks nice. As for zimmerit, I could use Mr Surfacer 500 and shape it with a small flat screwdriver?
  8. Thanks guys. I have put the Frank aside until I practice my aerial wire work. I don't want to ruin my Frank. I probably should build the King Tiger due to it having a damaged box. Which is the Mutt?
  9. Hi guys. I want to take a break from aircraft and build one or 2 of my armour. Which of this lot would both be easiest to both build and learn from? The likeliest choice would be the Panzer II or the jeep. However I want to build a larger subject. Here is my collection.
  10. I think I forgot the lights on the verticle stabilizer?? Sharp as a bowling ball.
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