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  1. I have been looking around the web at beautiful models. Often the paint job is very pretty. In service, especially late 1944 into 45, Japanese aircraft were nothing like pretty. They were a mess. As a result I am experimenting with the Tony and the Frank. The Frank will be as about as pretty as I can. The Tony is a no good son booted out of the house. With that in mind I am moving in this direction. Tony, that no good skirt chasing drunk of a son must fend for himself.
  2. Thanks mate. I endorse Sakae drums and Meinl cymbals these days. The bass drum is as light as a feather.
  3. Yesterday was still quite warm and so I didn't do much until the evening when I took to the Tony with pastels. Pastels are something I like to use to fade paint and generally make the subject grimy. However a clear coats often hide the effect. I found this guy's Page on weathering, and want to try the streaking effect. Something I have never done. After fading with pastels, here is the effect. The starboard hinomaru is a bit dirty but I will clean it up later. I have to play drums today.
  4. Wow. 1/32 F-4 is a big model. Just yesterday I finished Ed Cobleigh's book, War for the Hell of it, about flying the Phantom in Vietnam. My mind is very occupied with Phantoms. Those burners are fantastic.
  5. I also have the complete range of MRP Soviet paints. All never having been used. MRP + AMK seems too good to ignore.
  6. At least watch the fish dance. The utter absurdity is wonderful.
  7. I have 3 AMK kits, the Delphin, Nesher ang the 31. They all look amazing. When I complete my current builds I may build one of them. I shall be watching this thread with much interest.
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