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  1. Hi guys. I am going to try to be serious. I am concerned about what is taking place at this time in the wider world with this virus and the effect it is having on peoples perception. Obviously pressure is felt differently by each individual. I am particularly worried about the world's poor, and what may become a mass migration of refugees carrying disease. This is a very trying time for all people. Marus is somebody I dearly love and care about. Maru knows this. My way of dealing with pressure is to attempt to lighten the moment. Indeed, during all my many months fighting cancer I had many visitors in hospital. What concerned me upon greeting everyone was the worry and concern, and the discomfort on their faces. I would immediately begin telling jokes in my attempt to help them. I have loads of funny stories from my life. Crazy tours, stages collapsing, goats attacking devious farm hands.. It is safe to say my life is a running joke. With me being the punchline. I even broke my nose on stage with a drumstick in front oof hundreds of people. I know, right? The other day in my usual fashion I made a joke., a joke about twinkies. Twinkies have been the butt of many jokes I have seen in American film. That is where I learned of them. A joke about twinkies. Think of it. Twinkies. Imagine my surprise when I am told it had been silenced due to our faithful moderator interpreting it as a slight against Maru. A person I care for deeply. Some people are poor judges of character. That cannot be helped. The world is in the hands of fools. It has always been so and will continue. Perhaps people should not rush to conclusions about what at first comes to mind before becoming judgemental or angry. I don't know. I am after all the butt of the running joke of my llife. Happily I have never taken myself seriously. A problem I deal with constantly is reactions to changes in medication. It is 10.27 a.m. and already I have taken 13 pills. There are medications that confuse me and even cause hallucinations. One night I though my window had crashed in. It had not. With this in mind, that I enjoy jokes, peoples poor perception and rush to the worst possible scenario, I can only exist on forums by not speaking. It is unsafe. I will only post images on forums. I only visit two. Maru. You are often in my thoughts. Your exquisite compassion and care helped me to battle over the the years I fought my disease. There was a day during one of my lumbar punctures when I thought of you to help me stay strong. There was another day that helped even more. One drug I endured during my lumbar punctures sent me into a 10 day cycle of emotional turmoil. One day alone alone at home I devided to commit suicide. I had taken all my medications. As I lay back to let myself go, 2 images came to mind. My 5 year old niece and the care package you sent. I called the police. I knew you were a member of the police. The police here saved me. Thank you my dear Maru. Love. Dale.
  2. Maru if you get hungry you can probably get away with Twinkies. I don't think they can be classified as "food".
  3. While one can't beat a RNZAF F4U (oh how they weathered so), I recommend A6. If not the A6, I recommend the incredibly macho F4J.
  4. Hurricane & Spifire fly past dedicated to Tom Moore who raied millions of dollars to fight virucs. Over 40 million to fight virus.
  5. My pleasure. It was great to see Sadaaki Akamatsu. Here is part one of an interview with Saburo Sakai.
  6. Hi guys. Japanese aeroplanes are among my favourites. I have never seen a Japanese aeroplane I would never model. Just give me the lot! (BTW. That last sentence used in an email to Hasegawa only ends in tears. Don't ask me how I know.) To begin, film of the wonderful Ki-84 Frank, and the venerable bomber killer, J2M Jack. One pilot featured is the great rule breaking and often demoted and always drunk, IJN ace Sadaaki Akamatsu. Akamatsu can be seen mounting his Jack and describing tactics from 5:03. (You may remember him from Sakai's great autobiography. Nakajima Ki-84 & Mitsubishi J2M Jacks. Please share your thoughts, comments photos and links.
  7. I have my Pintrest photos in sections for various countries. For example I have 11,000+ in my US aircraft section all listed under company and vehicle names. These have the potential to become huge. My 109E section has 683 as of this time.
  8. Avro York. Bristol Brabazon. Percival Proctor. Vickers Wellesley. Martin Baltimore.
  9. Lockheed Orion. Fairey Gannett. CAC Boomerang. Vultee Vengeance. CAC Winjeel.
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