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  1. Sorry Hubert, but it was October 1955 through May 1956.
  2. I just bought the C version. (10 bucks cheaper than the B. ) Thanks for the help. I am looking forward to building it.
  3. Hi mate. Do you have a large cabinet where you keep all these big models, or do you give each their own cases? I worry about having to dust my built models. I am looking forward to this build.
  4. Hey guys. I wanna get your idea on this thought of mine. (Everybody screams and runs off) I have seen the phrase in the title at other modelling websites, and I don't understand it. I have managed to save 1000's of photos on the net. (I have a Pintrest membership.) Across these photos are thousands of really filthy and scratched aircraft. There seems to me to be no limit. Especially machines in harsh climes with mud or snow or baking sunshine. Before I got my brain back I had put a 1/48 F4F on a site with muddied wheels. It looked really good. Then a member pointed out it was not possible. In my then state I had forgotten my model was based on a photo. I became so dejected I gave up on the model. A year later I again found the photo of a Royal Navy Martlet. Same markings same mud. Now of course that wouldn't affect me. Anyway, I wanted to hear what you thought about this. Disclaimer. This post has zero to do with any current topic at other sites.
  5. (My cunning plan is working and they don't suspect....)
  6. Stuff from my SOD, Dinah, Seiran in 1/48 and the second model I began after returning to modelling, Stuka G. (For which I have 4 sets of wheels, 2 decal sheets and 3 masks.) There is one New build, a Trumpeter SBD 3. I had planned to complete the Seiran but inexplicably spring cleaned my flat and did the laundry. It is The Newtown Festival today and the weather is lovely. So I may simply go to the pub or something. I may get a meal. All I had today was a V and a banana. Fascinating. What is this thread again, hang on..... Right. Okay!
  7. I shall explain. There's this big fat bloke, me, who has everybody's address. Being quite sneaky, I am able to visit you while you sleep and..... (Hang on, this isn't the cat burgler forum????) I shall start again, speaking only for myself. First, I see a good excuse to rid myself of some crappy B grade thing from Trumpeter or something with raised panel lines. I then sing its praises and suck up to the judges. Either that or I go cheap and enter decals or something. I then strut around the place telling everybody that they like me. I shrewdly ignore those unconvinced. (Scoundrels all!) After I receive my TAMIYA MOSQUITO, AIRFIX TYPHOON, and WNW FOKKER D.VII. I leave the forum after causing a terrible row. And never return. I look upon my "Prescious" in glee at just how sneaky I can be. I then leave a disclaimer so nobody suspects my motivation. Disclaimer: None of the above is true. IHTH.
  8. Where did I put my Trumpeter MiG 15?????
  9. Hi guys. Has there ever been an "Opposites " group build? I have an idea for a group build in which participants may choose any subject in a large scale. This group build would be open to any subject and nationality. No era or mechanism is denied. For example, one may wish to build a BoB Spitfire Mk.I in the yellow nosed guise of a Bf 109E, an F-15 in a Soviet MiG 23 scheme. Tanks, cars, aeroplanes, ships... All is included. Has this ever been done? Would it be of interest?
  10. Thanks Harv. I was able to earn what I payed with a 90 minute drum session, not 2 hours later. So I figure I got it all for free. Score!
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