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  1. Thanks Harv. We Aussies are a little self deprecating towards ourselves. It is our culture. This differs from America which lacks this. In general Americans are positive towards themselve. And very hard working. Where as me, an Aussie would rather watch the cricket. Oh and drink beer while watching the cricket.
  2. Last night I spent 4 hours carefully studying photos of Franks and Tonys. I copied directly from photos. Not from one aircraft but from a collection. Every bit is actual weathering. All weathering is by pastels and Prisma and AK pencils. I prefer the Prisma due to being strong. I love AKs but they break, I can no longer use the smoke pencil. I have to lighten the gun smoke. You can see how it is way too dark. This is an experiment. Trying not to use an airbrshush. (It is interesting to learn how people think about their models. For example, I was talking to a modeller in a store. He told me he doesn't like weathering because he will buy the model once and doesn't want the danger of ruining it. Fair enough. Me, I don't care.)
  3. I also love my Iwatas. What I find interesting is that I prefer both my Silverline and HPC Plus over my Infinity and Custom micron. The Silverline is beautiful and has a safer nozzle than the Infinity to protect the needle. The one advantage the Infinity has is the exposed needle point which allows one to wipe it more easily, but in so doing puts the needle point in a position to be damaged.... I still have a long way to go before I can use all four at their optimum potential. Including my lovely little Badger Sotar. Which incidentally a similarly exposed needle point.
  4. I think he was just squirting them. School holidays, bored and nothing better to do. The Custom micron cost nearly $700.00! The needles were also destroyed. I had to replace each. The kid also lost the rear section of the HPC Plus. Chris had a second hand one. Had he not it'd be too expensive. Better to simply buy a new one. But all good now. I had an Infinity and Silverline, plus the top Badger as back ups. I can't complain. I am always prepared for the worst you see.
  5. So here is my modelling plan. I quickly complete my Tony and Frank. All they need is gear connected and radio wire. It should take a day. Given how few parts and the fact I fell head over heels in love with it upon opening the box, the HK Meteor will be next. I just placed an order from Hannants. Eduard interior. Eduard seatbelts. Eduard mask. Master pitot tube. Xtradecal Meteor F-4 Overseas operators #4. The package should be here in 2 weeks. It looks a great kit and even has a nose weight. Hopefully both my new friends end up benign. If so it is only the liver damage. The massive damage is the most scary. I reckon I can talk them into giving me a transplant. Easy! I get both Iwatas back next week. I used H&S on the Frank and Tony. I will use Iwatas. Unsure whether to do NM or camo. Camo takes too long.... I will likely do a metal job. I am so glad I don't have dependents. That'd be tough. Thanks guys.
  6. All I know is this. The stock gets flown to you like a butterfly, and stings like a bee at the register. IHTH.
  7. Hi guys. I had a good night's sleep. I dreamed of completing my Frank. It turned out really nice! I must try that. The rest of my dream was me attempting to rig a camel. Yesterday was a bit rough. I am in again next week for further tests. I will be okay. I've seen worse!
  8. I have no idea what really happened. Apparently it had made it's was right up to the trigger. Everything was frozen stiff. Chris at Iwata had to use pliers to open everything. He had never seen anything like it. He wss gonna send everything back yesterday but I asked him to wait until Monday. I will take photos. This is what happens when one loans things out. My mate wanted to compare Iwatas to his Badgers before purchase. No good deed goes unpunished.
  9. Check this out. One of the results of my drug trial. There were 600 in all. 599 were on it 12 months. Due to the seriousness of my case, the doctors requested an extension. The trial cost was $25,000 USD per month. Happily the company agreed and my case was extended. This extension was 7 months. I want everyone to understand further tests may prove me well. Fingers crossed. Possible cure derived from the experiment.
  10. Thanks mate. It remains to be seen if there are treatments. I am very respectful of science and scientists. I was lucky to live amongst scientists for quite some time. Every day my respect grew. Indeed science and those who practice it have proven the greatest achievement of human kind. Sadly much science is thwarted and attacked by other human creations. None of which gave us medicine, flight, space travel etc etc. The past appears fearful of the now. Strange how the human world works.
  11. With regard to opening credits. At least as of episode 2. Thoughts?
  12. Gentlemen, as always I deeply appreciate your support. I have to complete the Tony and Frank. Perhaps this coming Sunday. I will now very carefully peruse my rather large stash. What exactly do I really want to build? I now have 4 WnW kits. Sopwith pup, camel, triplane and a Junkers D.1. It would be a challenge and I just ordered enough Bob's buckles for all. Then there is the AMK MiG 31... Spoiled brat!
  13. Thank you my friends. I will do my very best. I always had loads of empathy, but since my first battle with cancer, it has become stronger. This in turn has informed my teaching. I have to keep teaching. I need to perhaps do a TED talk on effective practice and teaching. I am refered to as a Master teacher. I began teaching martial arts in 1982. Thousands of students. Now one on one music lessons. I need to keep living. And building models!
  14. Thanks John. I must complete those current builds asap.
  15. My 2 airbrushes were used by a kid recently. He sprayed windex through each brush. The windex corroded both brushes. Don't spray windex through an airbrush.
  16. My very dear friends. I am ill once again. This time it is not leukaemia. I have an enormous tumor behind my right eye. It is nearly 3 cm in diameter. I have another issue as well. Over the past 2 months my liver function has gone from where it should ne, around 50, to now over 300. They speculate it is succumbing to the pressure placed upon it by the amount and strength of my chemotherapy. It may be cancer of the liver. My liver was simply over worked. Problems with treatment. I cannot have any more chemo as it will kill me. My body may be unable to handle the operation to my eye and the liver. I was in hospital but I have left. I told them I need a few days. I am going to teach. As always I will keep up my spirits and be positive. I cannot complain, the fact I lasted this long is amazing. I wish to thank the many members who were so very patient with me. Thank you from all of my being. Dale.
  17. Hi guys. When the east coast caught fire I began watching and reading the news. I have brain damage. Areas of my brain corroded due to the very serious chemo. The only chemo that does this. As a result, I don't handle stress very well. As a result I am getting off the net for a few months. I leave this simply so my friends don't worry. Thanks guys.
  18. Hi John. Have you ever built a Corsair in RNZAF colours?
  19. The other day I bought the HK Meteor. Upon opening the box I fell in love with it. Once I complete my 2 current builds I will build it. WWII born aeroplane yet again.
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