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  1. Here is a photo of my car. Enjoy. I thought it was a cat thread. Here is my cat. Enjoy.
  2. Ernie, can you build a Super Model for me? (Don't tell your wife.)
  3. Holy ×÷+++÷//==€€€€€!!!!!! Outstanding. I will try to find it complete. Is there a ready for inspection area? I have difficulty navigating this forum.
  4. Wow. Is there a build of this on-site? Great models all.
  5. Hi Carl. I just bought 2 bottles of AK paint. I have never used it. I am ignorant (no secret there) regarding their use with thinners. I have the following thinners. 1. GSI Mr Colour levelling, Mr Colour & Hobby colour. Tamia acrylic & Laquer. Mr Paint. AV Vellego airbrush thinner. Italeri acrylic paint thiner. I am currently putting an order together for supplies. Do I need to get the AK thinner? Thank you. D.
  6. Oh the bloke from Flory models? I have his washes and sanding pack.
  7. Hi guys. Have any of you built this kit, and if so is the build on the web? Thanks very much.
  8. What's wrong with jets? Asking for a friend.
  9. That would be cool. Olds was and remains a legend.
  10. I go hunting in the supermarket. I always succeed.
  11. Pretty shocking the Taliban was invited this week. Astounding. My sincere respect to all those lost and those left behind.
  12. Please no mythology guys. How about Fighter command on September 15th 1940?
  13. Oh thanks guys. I can't help it. I love kids. John Paul is his real name. I had his parents bring him early so I could teach him how to clean the airbrush. I learned to play a samba when teaching little kids because of John Paul. Kids recognize it because it sounds like a heartbeat. It is really interesting. He was just 3 years old when he began with me. I have watched him grow. I think it is like that saying, it takes a village to raise a child. I never had kids because I was always on tour. Plus families scare me. Anyway.... Thanks very much.
  14. OMG!!!! "We're all worried about the Americans." Sir Humphrey Appleby.
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