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JohnB in the Corsair Hall of Fame


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So I have been catching up on stuff.  And as usual there is a ton of fun and interesting builds.  During this time I have been able to wipe the dust off some projects that have been sitting. 

As luck would have it I was able to procure a 1/32 Tamiya F4U-1D.  So naturally I start getting ready for that build.  Looking at other builds, all that good stuff.  Upon doing so I noticed that our man JohnB has cornered the market on the F4U.  Holly mackerel man, John you're a beast.  I have no excuse not to make a decent model with all his examples and information. I presume John is deeply invested in polystyrene futures as they relate to the F4U.  :D:D  Job well done without question.

I don't think a hall of fame exists in this regard.  But if it doesn't, JohnB should be the first person to be called for induction and or outright ownership.  ;)

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