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New detail sander from David Union in Taiwan

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Hey all 

Here's a review of the David Union 400 detail sander. I got this from a friend on LSP (yeah that other place). It's made in Taiwan by David Union and its his model #400 with attachments and 3 different packs of self sticking sanding paper in grits #250, 400 & 600 (10) sht's. per pack plus a card board template for each type of accessory.

 I got it from Troy Molitor, who is the US importer who lives in California. It took two weeks to get to me in Michigan (damn Co-vid crap). The cost is $99.00 plus $15.25 for shipping. So here are some pictures.

20200415_120847.jpgthis is what came in the package from Troy. The sander and the three packs of self adhesive sand paper in grits #250, 400 and 600.

20200415_122427.jpgthis is what's inside of the white box.

20200415_122413.jpgthis is the sander. The small red wheel on the top is the on/off switch and variable speed control. It has a 3.5 mm stroke and speeds from 1,000 - 6,000 strokes per minute.

20200415_121259.jpgthese are the accessories. A stand, the plug/transformer and small clear plastic box to hold the all the bits.

20200415_122341.jpgsander on it's work stand.

20200415_122252.jpgview of all the attachments. These look like they could be modified to fit your situation, but not sure if you can get replacement bits:huh: I'll have to check with Troy.

20200415_122216.jpgclose up view of the two small diamond tip sanding bits and there holders. I believe these will hold small jewelers files, like the kind most of us have. I haven't tried it yet but I will and will let you know.

20200415_122157.jpgview of the wall plug transformer 110/to 12v

20200415_122142.jpgowners/instruction manual. Not much in here, but it does give the specs. If you go to LSP to the venders area you'll see a post on this and were you can order it from Troy. He's a great guy to work with and very prompt with answers. Its cheaper then the ones from MicroMark and Proxon, plus it has variable speeds.

Thanks Ron G 

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