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1/32 Ju87 B-2 Stuka update sets from Eduard


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1/32 Ju87 B-2 Stuka update sets
by Eduard


for Trumpeter kits #03214 & #03216



Eduard have kindly given us three of their photo-etched metal (PE) updates for the Trumpeter Ju87 – seatbelts, interior and canopy masks. The Trumpeter kit is the only modern kit of the early Stuka, but is not without issues. These can be summarized as follows: overall too small forward of firewall, and with some B-1 features; spats incorrectly shaped; canopy framing moulded on outside only – should be a mix of internal and external; incorrect / simplified ventral bomb cradle, and incorrect main bomb. Whilst the update sets here do not address any of the above, they will improve the original kit. They are all equally applicable to either the original B-2 kit (#03214) or the R-2 kit (#03216), which has underwing drop tanks instead of bombs




  • #32753 Ju87 B-2 Seatbelts c€16 available directly from Eduard here
  • #32751 Ju87 B-2 Interior S.A. c€22 available directly from Eduard here
  • #JX144 Ju87 B-2 Canopy Mask c€10 available directly from Eduard here


#32573 Ju87 B-2 Seatbelts


A relatively standard Luftwaffe pilot's seatbelt which, as usual, is made up of a number of different parts (instructions here). They are pre-painted, but some may wish to weather them, as they are rather pristine. The rear gunner's seat requires the addition of a piece of plastic to represent the cushion, over which the Eduard part is placed.





Superseded by the new fabric belts which seem all the rage? Perhaps, but these still look good


No seatbelts are provided in the kit, so some form of aftermarket is necessary here. The tide does seem to be turning away from these etch belts, however, as even Eduard have no started producing belts in compressed paper / fabric for a more realistic appearance. This range is in its infancy at present. Alternatives, and probably my preference, would be those from HGW, examples of which we reviewed here, but I still think the Eduard offerings are worthwhile and viable.


#32571 Ju87 B-2 Interior S.A.


This is quite a large set, with two self-adhesive (S.A.) pre-painted frets, and one standard sheet in unpainted brass (instructions here). The SA frets cover the cockpit instrument panel and various other dials etc on the cockpit sidewalls. The clarity and saturation of colour is excellent, but the depiction of RLM66 will be too light for some purists – personally, I think it's fine.








The main instrument panel is that of a B-2 (or R-2). The Trumpeter kit provides a B-2 panel (part #J2) which is a bit clunky, and would not look convincing with the kit supplied decal in my view. A B-1 panel is also provided (part #J28) but is not be used; the differences are very minor – just a few dials different / absent. Eduard's instructions wrongly suggest kit part #J28, but given the outline is the same, and that you will be filing the detail off in order to lay the various etch parts over the top, I am not sure it makes any difference?





Kit part is rather chunky – the Eduard IP will make a massive difference.


The natural brass fret provides various canopy frame handles, stowage bins and pilot's pedals, but also a new pilot's seat (kit headrest cushion to be used) and a the large spent ammo bin for the rear gunner. Why Eduard still bother to provide a part for you to roll into shape as the MG15 barrel is beyond me – times have moved on guys!




There is the armoured plate behind the pilot with vent holes cut in it which lay against the roll bar framework – check your references as not all aircraft had these, and those that did sometimes had a sliding plate which could cover the holes if required. Overall, I think the pictures I have taken of the kit parts should convincingly show you the additional finesse of Eduard's set – this is definitely worth it.



Kit seat is very thick and not in scale



These dials also look a bit cumbersome



#JX144 Ju87 B-2 Canopy Mask


Trumpeter have not accurately captured the Ju87 canopy, which had a mixture of internal framework and external dividers. Whether this is a fatal flaw (!) is up to you, but Eduard were left with little choice but to provide masks for what is there, rather than what perhaps should be. The instructions here will show you that there are actually quite a lot of separate pieces to this set. Note you will be required to use some liquid mask or similar for areas of the rear gunners glazing





Kit parts – nice and crisp, but ultimately wrong; not a lot Eduard can do about this




Good high quality PE sets, with instructions that are clear and easy to follow. The seatbelts are the only ones where I would probably use another product. If you think the Trumpeter kit is worth building now – or even if you are holding out for some resin upgrades down the line – these updates will make a big improvement to your Stuka.


Highly recommended


With thanks to the team at Eduard for the review sample. 


Nicholas Mayhew

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