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Albatros Rigging


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Can anyone, any of you Wingnut Wings Addicts help (30 pairs of ears suddenly pricked up :D) .  


A friend is struggling with the rigging on his Albi; he's using Gaspatch Albatros buckles but needs to know where to place them.

Can anyone recommend or point me toward any reference material??





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I have mine fitted not rigged i can post some pics if that helps i am using the gas patch ones you sold me :D


Yes please Darren, that'd be perfect!  If you don't mind (because it's easier to find that way) can you post them in this thread?  Thanks matey.

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Ok first one elivator i used bobs style buckle i just had to do one, you could cut the ball off as close as you can to leave a little stub to glue in the hole you drill


This is the wing stabilizer both sides i drilled a small hole for the ball to sit in (see last pic on how i got them in the right places/angle ect)below


Wing route both sides the two middel buckles have had the balls removed a five minute epoxy glue was used the two outer buckles have been seated in small holes i drilled and the ball placed in the hole



This is the front of Udets DV has a field mod an extra front buckle so if yours has one on the front place as the top one but angle down towards wing stabilizer


And finally how i got the angles right a straight bit of tin copper wire, buckle glued in place after a minute or two the glue starts to harden and i can move the buckle to the right pitch/angle as the tin copper wire, i have a few minutes to get this right


Hope that helps

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