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  1. I split the model into two pieces in order to make it easier to handle, as it was bound to be broken anyway.The longerons are spliced on the real aircraft. .Wherever you see a rope twisted around the longeron that is a splice.I made up a protective cover just in case.The large black piece is a floatation device for ditching over water.It may or may not have been a feature on other Bleriots besides the one that flew over the English Channel.At the present time, I am working in the cockpit area.
  2. Thanks Jeroen ! No, it is a terrible kit by Amati .It is not made anymore and I know why.I pretty much had to do all the research myself.The bird, however, is made out of one piece of Tupelo wood my me many years ago.I didn't want the bird to be just another decorative bird sitting on a base so I am incorporating the bird and aircraft together into one large diorama.Of course once having been a pilot myself my love for aircraft and birds are synonymous.
  3. Hi guys! I am back to working on my Bleriot11 and I thought that I would share the fun of this build.Actually, this airplane is part of a large-scale diorama involving a full-scale Peregrine Falcon woodcarving which I will get into explaining later.Cheers! John.
  4. The cushion on the wing would make a great overnight spot for a barnstormer,a lot better than under !
  5. I think that you have made a great choice Moses.
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